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Do you 'collect' anything? (beside dust, for those ha-ha's out there)

Asked by deaddolly (3411points) September 26th, 2008

I collect horror art and horror dolls. any kind of creepy doll. I used to collect vinyl, but sold it many, many moons ago. I wish I had it back!!! How about you?

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Trolls – and shoes!

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I love trolls!!! Have a few. and, shoes….don’t even go there. Zappos is my lifeline!

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My answers (and many others) can be found here.

My husband collects weapons: swords, knives, etc.

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Energy drinks

I have 250-something different kinds, last time I checked. And I don’t collect any of the sugar-free drinks, either.

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@augustian bet you just hate us ‘whipper snappers!’ Too bad fluther doesn’t have a tool to see when a question was asked.

Hopefully, there’s a bunch of newbies out there with collections.

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Tea cups with saucers that were gifts (free) or could be found for less than $7 total before taxes, but are also of high quality.

What? I like challenging hobbies.

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I have a collection of hurricane lamps

@EmpressPixie tea cups are pretty neat!

I didn’t know the other question was here either, but it’s kinda neat to read what the others said

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I’ve taken to collecting grey hairs and wrinkles. My collection is getting bigger by the day.

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@osullivanbr me too, but I’m trying to keep it a “secret stash”..ha ha!!

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I collect leaded glass windows (not stained glass, mind you, simply leaded glass) and casino ash trays. Oh, and one might say I have an odd affectation for “personal massagers” since I have about 20 of them stashed in drawers around the house. Only a select few ever see the light of day…

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I collect dust. HAHA!

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@deaddolly: You wrote, quote, “Too bad fluther doesn’t have a tool to see when a question was asked.”

As you (and some others) may recall, I used to attach a time/date stamp to all of my public posts, until I got nagged into removing it.

But I haven’t, actually. I now attach an invisible time/date stamp to everything public I post, so if you ever wish to know when a question was originally posted by me, please ask.

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I collect cookbooks.

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@Dolly: Nope, I love fresh blood! I never get annoyed by similar Q’s for two reasons: New people means new answers, and the search feature isn’t very good, so it’s hard to tell if a Q has been asked before.

PS…there is a notation that tells approximately when a Q was asked at the top of the page.

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Lurve…I collect lurve.

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< < was briefly weirded out when augustlan said she loves “fresh blood”. Thought deaddolly might’ve found a new soulmate for a second.

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All of your thoughts…..................

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Copper gelatin molds. However, like Empress Pixie, I have a “rule” that they must come from either: A.) A garage/rummage/yard sale type venue or B.) A Salvation Army/Goodwill type store or C.) From someone’s mom’s kitchen. And, before anyone asks, I don’t advocate stealing from your mother to give me a present!

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soulmate….yes. I like those:]

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i collect patches from police, fire, and other government agencies. i have some impressive ones – FBI, BATF, Immigration, Customs, i think it’s like 600 total from all over the country and a few foreign ones. I used to work for Motorola and someone came in from BATF and gave one out as a tip and then i started asking the cops that came in for them, and then i started writing letters to law enforcement agencies. The biggies that i named above i got by knowing people that work there. One day I’ll mount them on a wall in a frame. in the meantime they’re in the closet.

I also collect salt and pepper shakers and cute kitchen stuff, like sugar and creamers that are bunnies, cats, stuff like that. I know there is a big disparity between law enforcement patches and salt and pepper shakers, but i’m an unusual girl.

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Geez. Almost everything I have has evolved into a mini collection.
Though, my collections aren’t always of the same thing.
But are, instead, related in some way (in my mind).

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First it was rocks. I was made fun of so much for that. Right now and for many years I’ve been collecting bracelets, from cheap ones to a little bit more pricey ones…I love bracelets.

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I collect “horror” items as well. I don’t have a lot that I set around the house. I keep some of them in my office at work. My favorite item is the holographic horror image of Grandma Gertie from Haunted Memories.

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Clothes. and not just any average tee from target. I like to collect interesting and unique clothes from hand-made to goodwill things… mostly just the latter. but it’s pretty exciting.
and macrame stuff, because I keep making bracelets and necklaces and they continue to accumulate. it never ends!

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I collect license plates from each state/country I’ve visited and I have a little ‘shrine’ in the garage.

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I collect all kind of music, concert T-shirts, and musical instruments. I also collect trails and make note of when I’ve hiked where. And books.

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Is there a difference between accumulating things and collecting things?

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I think it’s intent.

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I think so too.

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I collect Pepsi bottle caps! Of course, I trade them for music downloads so I guess I should just say that I collect music.

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@waterbearer Glad I’m not alone!! Horror rocks.

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This is a fun question and I am loving the answers and links provided – one of the things I have collected all my life is evidence of the collections/preoccupations of others. I like to read about the Watts towers and the Remington House and that kind of stuff that people just felt compelled to do.. We all seem to do some things just because we want to, it makes us feel good and we don’t care that no one else appreciates it as much as we do….we just really like to do it. Personal satisfaction.

I collect american illustrator prints, simple and ornate canes, butterflies used in art, deco and victorian jewelery, trivia about my own life and some other stuff.

I hope this question continues.

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@ LauraK very interesting collections you have! It’s cool to see what ppl collect. You never know what some ppl find interesting.

Welcome to fluther!

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I used to collect swords. Pretty much every wall in my room is covered in them now, but i havent bought one in years.

I now spend most of my money on my reef tank. Does collecting coral count?

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@dd There is a tool: the Search function. Admittedly, it is flawed.

I collect boxes and armadillos. Much less assiduously than I used to. I am not very ito accumulating things anymore.

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@TheHaight – I was a rock hound as a kid, too. Did you have the rock tumbler so you could have pretty stones?

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I collect “COFFEE MUGS” ~ I have over 500. I started around 20 something years ago. Displayed in my kitchen are about 200. I really like them and I really love COFFEE!
Here are a few ~

Sat. 8:30 PM

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Forgot about sister collects small statues of dogs. She has every breed.

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don’t laugh…bookmarks. It started out because I was always using a shred of paper or the receipt (from the purchase of the book) as my bookmark. Then, my husband bought me a bookmark with a quote on it…now, I get them as gifts, I get them from everyone! I have some really cool bookmarks, too. I have people that send me old ones and from different countries. I don’t like expensive ones, well, I think they are nice, but I don’t think you should spend a fortune on these things. I use them – they don’t just collect dust.

My husband is convinced that I collect yarn, too. I’ve never met a skein of yarn that I haven’t loved! I need to chill, though. I have enough yarn to make it through about 10 blankets! :)

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@cak Nice, inexpensive and easy to store collection!

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thanks, deaddolly! It is easy to store!

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When I’m reading, I can never seem to find a bookmark. I know I have them, just don’t know where. Since I frequently read in the bathroom, my books usually have toilet paper “place holders” in them. A little tacky, no?

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@augustian….I’m a toilet paper person as well. And a page folder.
Cak, we need some of your doubles!

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@DD: With other people’s books, I play by the rules. With my own books, the first thing I do is crack the spine. I then fold the pages as much as I please! Breaks in my books “as good as old” instantly. : )

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@Augutian, me too. I love a well worn book. Makes me feel at home.

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@augustian and dd – you can have some of my doubles! I have been know to use a piece of toilet paper!

I can’t break the spine, though…

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I use the reserve slips from the library more than anything these days. My kids used to get me book marks when they were little enough for that to be a big purchase for them.

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comic books and old coins/currency

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Cak: I hate breaking the spines too.

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I collect mini spoons. I have about 75, and now friends are bringing them to me from their vacations.
Strange, I have one from Ireland, made in China, and in Gattlinburg, I saw a display for every state. Only really needed to go to Tennessee!
Most have good memories associated with each

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I collect piggies! Stuffed, metal, porcelain, wooden, glass… I collect ‘em ALL! I have several hundred piggies, and the collection grows with almost every yard sale I visit! I also have a small collection of elephants, and also a small collection of snow globes. My newest collection (thanks to Mugsie, bless her heart), is my modest little mug collection! Mugsie got me interested in them, now I have a hard time passing one up! Follow the link below to 9 pages of my collections. (mostly piggies and mugs… I’ll add elephants and snow globes as time permits)

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Pigs are cool! Welcome to Fluther, Jimbo550!

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Thanks Dolly! Elephants are like piggies with really long snouts! (I guess that’s why I like them)

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@cak, I used to collect bookmarks, I had a ridiculous collection then sold them all at a yard sale one year! Wish I hadn’t done that! Now I use coupons, receipts, postcards, whatever is in reach at the time.
I can’t crack the spines

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Precious moments figurines, angels and thimbles.

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generally inexpensive at antique shops and rummage sales. and it’s fun to say teapot. teapot.

wasn’t that fun?

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Is it weird to answer a question this old? Ahh…who cares! I am coming here off of the newer treasure chest question asked by Ucme which had a slightly different slant. I am into collecting old photographs, the sepia ones from the 1850’s to 1890’s. Some people think it“s weird believe it or not. Someone asked me once why I would want pictures of people I don“t know and am not related to. I love the Victorian clothing and especially the children’s pictures. I design Christening gowns and the Victorian ones are the most beautiful! I also like to collect holy cards, the kind they give out at wakes with the person“s name on them. I can“t bear to throw them out! It seems too cold and uncaring. I often use them for bookmarks. I have always liked ceramic pottery as well. There is one type made in Portugal that I like. It is emerald color and often has a leaf pattern in relief on te border or basketweave or sometimes bunnies! I have a full set of platter, sugar bowl, and creamer all with bunnies. I use it e

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