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Have you ever let an object make a decision for you?

Asked by Celeste00 (786points) September 26th, 2008

You know, magic 8 ball, coins, iPhone apps… Whichever worked for you.

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Yes! I’ve used coins many, many times to decide many, many things. Mostly dumb arguments. “Okay boys, heads we eat where you (person A) want to eat, tales we eat where you (person B) want to eat.” Flip.

But I’ve also assigned six choices to a die and gone that way. Or four. Or ten. I like rolling them.

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Yes. It happens every single day of my life.

There’s this traffic light that turns red when it decides that I have to stop, and then it turns green, when it decides that I can proceed on my way.

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@Jack I wish that light decided the same thing for everyone in Cali…

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Well, that’s California

I’ve said enough…

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Unfortunately I have allowed a glass filled with a Margarita to make a few decisions for me.

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I’ll drink to that!

Been there, done that, paid cash…

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What about a sex object?

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@stratman is that how you call your girlfriend?

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My wife, yup!

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If it agrees with what I already want, I see it as a sign that it’s destined to be. You can’t argue with fate.

If it disagrees, it’s probably safe to disregard what it has to say. Who does it think it is, anyway?

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@Celeste00: Don’t worry. Stratman’s wife won’t be one, too much longer…

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Jack, she won’t be WHAT too much longer?

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Your wife, I suspect, if/when she reads that “sex object” comment of urine…

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Naw, I think Celeste was asking if I call my wife with MY “sex object”. As in the question “do you ever make a decision with an object”. Haven’t you been led around by the pants before?

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Every woman who has ever known me, has “led me around.”

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Sometimes I write the two options on a piece of paper, mix them up, put one in each hand and have someone choose. Then I let my reaction tell me the truth. If I love what gets picked, I go with that, if not, I don’t.

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Has anybody in here read: “The Dice People”?

It was a cheap paperback book I read while in college.

To do what they did, you use one die, and you write down six items that you will do, depending on the number displayed when you toss the die.

3 are bad things that you do not want to do, and 3 are good things.

You toss the die, look at the number displayed, then do what is on your list that corresponds with that number.

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EDIT: In my previous post, the title of the book should be, THE DICE MAN

Apologies for my error…

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In a way, yes. But not really. If I can’t decide between two choices, I’ll flip a coin. If I’m happy with how it turns out, then I go with it. If I’m not happy with how it turns out, then I know I’d already made up my mind, and I go with what I wanted anyway.

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Related question:

How many people do you guess (estimate) will allow a coin flip to determine how they vote in November?

You can bet that someone will vote that way…

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