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How to stop text message spam?

Asked by Celeste00 (786points) September 26th, 2008

I’m getting up to 5 spam messages in my phone every day. I sent a complaint to the FCC and replied “STOP” to a couple of them, but they keep coming. AT&T doesn’t care where the messages come from, they’re still charging me for them. Anyone managed to stop this?

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Well, there is a good article on blocking it here:

It’s really about blocking txt spam that originates on the Internet, but I’m guessing most of them do. However it blocks all txts that originate online.

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I used to get a huge amount of spam on my old Verizon® cellular phone, and what really ticked me off about that, was that the messages were en Español!

I went to my local Verizon® office and demanded that my phone no longer be able to receive any text messages, and while I watched, the representative programmed my phone, so that text messages could no longer be received on it.

Doing that not only prevented text messages from appearing on my cell phone, but at the same time, it prevented bricks from being thrown through their corporate office windows, and paint remover from being poured on their company vehicles, in the company parking lot.

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@Empress man, that was super helpful. I followed the steps online to block all online messages. Now crossing fingers that nothing else shows up.

@Jack I’d do that if most of my life wasn’t organized through text messaging.

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Easy Fix: Don’t give away your personal info online.

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Do you text just the word stop? If you text “STOP” and only stop. They are requierd by law to do just that. Ive done it many times and it always works, My brother works for verizon and told me about it.

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If That doesnt do the trick att should be able to block them for you. Thats harrasment

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I never gave out my number but we received spam text mail anyway on our family phones. Same message just one digit away. I called Verizon and filed a written complaint to Verizon and the FCC. Verizon said they will credit me 20 cents. That is not the point. The spammers violated our last bit of privacy. There is no incentive for the phone company to do anything about this since they get paid. I decided I will call my kid’s phone and waste one hour of free telephone talk time for every spam I get. I might even do it at dinner so we are not disturbed. What a concept. If we all did it then maybe Verizon ATT and others would get the message.

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I decided to spend 2 hours of my life on this project and go after the spammers as much as I could. I made copies of the text messages in Word. Then I went to the FCC site and complained and attached the copies. After that I wrote a complaint to Verizon attaching the FCC comfirmation. I got a call from Verizon the next day offering apologies and some options. They credited the account and offered VTEXT filtering. The messages have stopped.
I figure I got paid 20 cents per hour for the work but it sure was satisfying.

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If you are with AT&T you can subscribe to their Smart Limits program. It’s $4.99 a month, but it lets you block up to 15 phone numbers a month, and some other stuff.

AT&T won’t do anything. This is how I know about Smart Limits.

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