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What is everyone playing on their PS3?

Asked by Stunt_1o1 (15points) August 9th, 2007 from iPhone

I play my ps3 almost everyday I
currently in Atlanta visiting my father and we play an the time but if I were by myself I have no clue what I would play..what games are you currently playing on your ps3

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Sorry i don't own one - but if I did I'd probably be playing, Resistance: Fall of Man or MotorStorm.

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I have one and I'm currently addicted to motorstorm, its amazing it has great graphics and is a fantastic game no matter what type of games you play.

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we were playing BURNOUT PARADISE, I love race games, but now, me and hubby are addicted to GTA IV, it is great!

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socom confrontation (in my dreams), cod4 (while i wait)

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FIFA09 bro! A game that is so advanced you can keep improving forever. Really a great game! Well balanced in all ways. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has the same qualities. Games that are not boring after a few hours are great games.

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Update: I now am playing SOCOM Confrontation.

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Burnout paradise i just bought surf island , i played inFamous but have gave it to someone else to play now . Race driver drift and LBP motorstorm rift 2 along with loads more games . ID is same as here :)

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FIFA10 – 1st of september! Zlatan is in Barcelona!

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