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Can you actually make money off of an online cartoon show you create? how, through advertisments?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) September 27th, 2008

If so, how? Are there any examples of popular online cartoons that people actually watch and go back to the website to check for new episodes? like a web-series? I would love some examples. Thanks.

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Well, you could charge on a pay-per-view like service. Or a subscription. You could set it up as a podcast and charge a fee for your podcast. I don’t know of any examples, but I know that there are some Ruby on Rails podcasts that do some of theirs in video format.

You could just put ads around it, but I don’t think that you’ll generate that much revenue from it. If you’re trying to make millions off it, you’re not going to. And to be even able to charge you better have something worth watching, because today’s consumer that you’re trying to appeal to is not just going to unwillingly part with their cash for a mediocre cartoon. They can get the same type of content on youtube for free.

All-in-all, if you’ve got a good product, set it up as a podcast and charge for it. If you’re lookin to get a little exposure, put it up for free.

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There are a few ways:
1. Put a tip jar for folks to donate (linked to paypal usually works best).
2. Sell something related to the cartoons (prints or mugs or whatever)
3. Surround it with ads
4. Charge a subscription fee.
5. Have extra material available for a fee.

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I think the Penny Arcade guys are able to make comics full time due to merchandising and advertising. But of course, first you need a fanbase.

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not really an answer , sorry but…..I’d love to do this myself. i’ve alway sloved comics and cartoons and it would be fun to create an online cartoon. good luck if you try it out.

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ok, I create a online comic that I’m still working on… check it out: the thing is that the only way to make money is spending more money than the one you will receive at first. need to let people know about it it’s hard, My strategy was going to all the forums and ask for people what they think about my idea of an online comic and then keep working on it, the next step will be newspaper ads and last put posters and flyers on comic stores… good luck.

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@AlbertKinng While we all appreciate the help with the answer, plugging your own site is actually in violation of some of the rules here. I’m only giving you a heads up because others will tear you one (and they won’t be the mods) because they’re pretentious pricks. So just a heads up. You’ve got nice artwork too. Definitely dig the style.

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sorry… I wasn’t looking to advertise… in fact it’s not a business… it’s a hobby, just my fam and friends look at it, :) but thanx for the tip.. As I said its hard, and I give up trying by my own.. so it became a hobby 4 ever now.

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