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What form(s) of contraception do you use, if any?

Asked by knittingandcanning (346points) September 27th, 2008
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In my household it’s frequent headaches.

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Nice AC…for my case the occasional cold shoulder (brrr)...

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Hysterectomy. The ultimate solution : )

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I’m not in a serious relationship, so unfortunately I must insist on a condem! I hate them but it’s a must.

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Mirena IUC

I’ve had it for 3 years and love it! No mess, no remembering, no hysterical PMS mood swings, no worries! It hurt on insertion; but 1 day’s pain is worth 5 years of contraception!

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I’m with trudacia

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condoms by the way.

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I no longer have to worry about it (being with my partner), but I had a bilateral tubal ligation years ago.

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hearkat: I just recently had the Mirena inserted, and I agree, it’s great.

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@trudacia We can not keep this a secret forever!

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You wish @sunday… :)

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You never know @trudicia….;)

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Vasectomy. :)

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@Sunday, It’s true, you never know.

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Yay for me! None needed.

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@trudicia Touché madame!!! A woman after my own heart.

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Vasectomy. Now I am safely not having sex with anyone.

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Give up SB you are losing. Beside you have white eyes and green skin. Not much of a turn-on for a looker like trudacia.

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Hrm… I don’t wanna alarm anyone, but my mom had an IUC in her when she got preggers with me. Talk about accidents.

My method of contraception is the best, I believe. You take an aspirin, and hold it in between your knees. Works pretty good.

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@cardinal You are right man. I’m just rolling stone anyway.

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IUD and I love it.

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I’m a Trojan Man

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I was on the patch, but my prescription ran out and my doctor won’t authorize any refills, because he “doesn’t like the possible side effects”. They all have possible side effects…..
I had 2 friends who tried the Depo shots, and they both ended up having really bad side effects, like periods that lasted over a month long. I know another girl who almost died because of her IUC.

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@cheebdragon: Yes; they all have potential side-effects. IUDs are recommended primarily for women who have already had a child, because the uterus changes after having been streched out and then recovering to normal size. There is a greater risk of uterine injury with an IUD/IUC if the woman has never given birth. The risk was also greater with the older devices, like the copper T, than with the new plastics.

Any hormone now has to warn of the risk of blood clots, whether it’s the pill, patch, nuva-ring (which I’ve heard good things about), or the shots. Even the Mirena which uses very low dose localized hormones has to list it.

None of them is 100% effective. I got pregnant while taking the pill and I got pregnant when a condom broke.

@Celest00: Your mother’s IUD was different from those available today. But you are correct – abstinence is the only 100% way to prevent pregnancy and STIs.

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So sorry to hear that hearkat ..

A bad example of a guinea pig… no o fence thou…

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(mirena = ouch!!!)

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Natural “vasectomy.” Born that way. Course, I didn’t find out until much later. It kills me thinking of all the times we stopped at a certain point because we didn’t have contraception! Or so we thought.

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cheebdragon: I’m sorry to hear about your friend. What happened?!

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Birth control pills and condoms.

I’m thinking of switching the pill to the ring.

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wont that be a lot more difficult to swallow?

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sarah- about 1–2 weeks after she had the IUD/ICD (can’t remember the name, but I see the commercials every once in a while) anyways, not long after she had it put in, she started bleeding really bad, when she got to the emergency room she was down to 6 pints of blood (average adults have 10–12 pints of blood)

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I’m with tinyfaery.. lucky me, I don’t need any!

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i had a bilateral tubal ligation done in 2006 and now i am 4 weeks and 3 day pregnant so this was not a good for me and this is happening more and more to people who did not want any more children,...... dont get me wronge i am over the moon but it is not 100% so make sure you do your resreach before having this done i had this done after having my twin by c-section..hope you dont me writing this here for you all to read xx

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