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Which do you like best;,,, or

Asked by jessehattabaugh (492points) September 28th, 2008

I tried to get a name from but they want me to name it PrismAttic, which I don’t like at all. So I’m gonna ask you Fluther. What should I name my site? Here are the other suggestions;

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jessehattabaugh's avatar – I know the whole ‘er’ shortening thing is as Web2.0 trendy as it gets, but hell, people almost expect it these days. I like this one because it has a nice color/prism/rainbow/spectrum thing, and it can be nouned; “Did you check my Refractr today?”

jessehattabaugh's avatar – The downside to this one is the expensive silly TLD, and the fact that it’s not easily nounable; “Have you checked my… Refract today?” On the plus side it’s more descriptive of what it does; “What does do?: it takes all your feeds and sorts and filters them like a bean of light through a prism”

jessehattabaugh's avatar – Once again, silly expensive TLD, but even more descriptive of it’s purpose by using the word “feed”, and with the same light allusions; Prisms refract light. Also very nounable; “Have you seen my FeedPrism today?” Added bonus;, and others are available.

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So far, I’m liking Refractr.

jessehattabaugh's avatar – Cons; expensive peculiar TLD, no connotations of color. Pros; very descriptive, reference to “lifestreaming”, connotations of personalization, nounable “Have you seen my MeStream today?” maybe a little awkward.

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You’re overthinking it. The catchiest names are the simplest ones.

For example, I don’t automatically think of everything that fluther does when I hear “fluther” and yet, it’s catchy.

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@Celeste00 Can you tell me which one is the simplest?

fireside's avatar ($35.98 for 2 years)

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Of the names I saw on the site, I like FeedMagnet the best.

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I agree with being the best option

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Hopefully you bought already since it is no longer available.

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I think is good, but not stellar. I think FeedWalker and FeedMagnet are better.

A few thoughts: Think about your target audience. A “web 2.0” name works if that’s who you’re going for. It sounds like you might be, in which case something like will work just fine. But if you want it to be for people who aren’t quite so far on the cutting edge, FeedMagnet will probably be easier to remember. Even still, most people think of “feed” as something you do to your cats.

Knowing exactly what your idea is really about may be helpful too. Is it really about the streaming? The customization? Try to hone in on the one key idea, and make your name involve that.

FWIW, I think naming is hard and important. I spent about six months naming Fluther. Don’t rush it.

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