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What are the best myspace layouts you've ever seen?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) September 28th, 2008

Not crappy ones from layout websites, but layouts with actual work put into them – such as div layouts. Thanks ;)

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NONE! Yeesh, myspace is horrible.

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It can be done.

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I’ve really only seen a handful of myspace sites, just isn’t for me.

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You could also check out the new site:

Lots to choose from.

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Im glad to finally see someone asking for GOOD layouts instead of all the crap that is on every lame layout site.

I think the best layout site is

Their whole schtick(sp?) is that they are trying to get people to stop using crap layouts, thus going to profile rehab to get designs from real web designers. Their site has no pop-ups too which is nice!

Hope that helps!

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