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Has anyone seen or heard from Erik or sferik?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) September 28th, 2008 from iPhone

Just curious, I’ve not seen nor read any posts. Actually, that goes ditto for Andrew or Ben as well. they must be very busy or
Perhaps, I’m just not reading enough Q & A’s.

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i know erik was here 3 days ago since he answered this Q. But yes, I don’t think he’s around nearly as much as he used to be (but maybe I am also looking at the wrong threads?) Hopefully he will find the time to answer this Q !

edit – though my ultra cool detective powers tell me that he did log in today (28th)

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Thank’s PnL!

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I bet he’s mourning the untimely demise of his beloved Mets.

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Erik isn’t actually working for fluther anymore (I don’t think).

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Oh really? Erik, set the record straight.

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