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Do you sneeze too loud?

Asked by PupnTaco (13865points) September 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I do and it’s embarassing. I can’t seem to help it.

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Hell yea! It’s so loud my little brother thought it was thunder storming outside, so he plugged his ears

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No, but I know a man who does, and he lives in the apartment across from me. That man sneezes like whoa every 5–10 minutes.

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Another funny thing…
My mother sneezes nonstop upto 15 times in a row, and god forbid she sneezes when she’s driving because she’ll have to stop the car on the side of the road to sneeze, not a pretty sight

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Well, I don’t stifle it that’s for damn sure. Funny thing I asked my OB-GYN why I liked to sneeze, he told me it’s probably because sneezing for a woman was like having a mini orgasm. He also said I shouldn’t stifle them. I said, I don’t, remember? He said, Oh! That’s right, and just laughed… Oh yeah, to answer your Q? No, not loud…
Sorry about typo’s, I’m using my iPhone not my pc!

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@Glitter, my boyfriend WTF or whatthefluther sneezes about 6 to 8 times!

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Usually just once for me, but I wish I could figure out not to make so much noise. I sound like this guy I used to work for who would scream “HAY-POW!!!!” as he sneezed. :(

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I always thought when my dad sneezed, he was saying “Hedge-chewie”. Poor guy. I still give him a hard time about it. I think I prefer the loud sneeze over the quiet, ‘cute’ sneeze though. Something about the quiet ones seems kinda like the person is trying too hard, or something.

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Heck yes. I sneeze like a Puerto Rican! Ha… My family has this theory that Puerto Ricans sneeze loud (We’re puerto rican… well, I’m half.) One time my sister and I pulled up to my grandma’s house and when we got out of the car we thought a dog was barking in the distance… It was really my dad sneezing atleast half an acre away!! Crazy Puerto Ricans. Jeeze.

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Good question!

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haha. hilarious responses.
i’m sorry, Les, but i have a rather silent sneeze. i don’t like being loud with such bodily functions. it’s just kinda gross.
i certainly wouldn’t call my sneezes cute, though!

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SuperMouse is the queen of loud and out of control sneezes! I swear,you would expect some crazy Karate move to accompany her sneeze it is so loud and elaborate. My favorite thing about it? She thinks it’s totally normal!

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I was just getting on here to say that my sister gimmedat seems to think I sneeze too loudly, but I don’t think so! My sneezes are perfectly within the range of normal. And no, I do not perform karate chops in tandem with my sneezes.

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OMG i sneeze so load and also when i do sneeze it goes on for about a solid minute it just one sneeze after the other.

kinda scary hehe

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you’d be surprised at how personalized sneezes are. everybody has a signature sneeze. so, it’s ok if yours is loud. better to let it happen naturally than to try and suppress it like a lot of people i know.

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Yes, my sneeze is really loud and awfully high pitched. I can’t help it. I’ve tried to sneeze quieter and it just doesn’t work. It ends up sounding more bizarre and it hurts my throat. I could be in a loud restaurant and my sneeze would be heard over all the clatter and chatter. The most embarassing thing is that at the very end it is so high pitched it sounds like a freakishly loud bird chirp.

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Not only do I sneeze rediculously loud…but they sneak up on me. Scares the living hell out of me (not to mention those around me).

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Whatever comes out, comes out! Mine are sort of semi-loud.
My mother used to sneeze like a monster….her face would take on this bizarre shape and WHOMP! I’ll bet she could’ve blown out a window, given the chance.
Little ‘pretend’ sneezes make me giggle. Why try to disquise something that’s natural?
A bit off topic, but have to share: I had a nun in high school that made us leave the room every time we had to blow our nose.
I had hayfever, so was out in the hall all the time! It’s a wonder I passed that class.

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OH thank god i thought the population in Sneeze freak land was 1 (me) good to know i am not on my own hehe.

By the way Dave i like this question it’s fun.

UMM I have missed being on fluther

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Mine run the gamut.
From super quiet to what-the-fuck-was-that?.

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why is it not a good idea to stifle sneezes?

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@glitterrrfish, my grandmother always told me it is bad to stifle sneezes because it could blow your brains out. Then again she also used to say that if you dropped a knife it meant you were going to come into a whole lot of money.

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doesn’‘t your heart stop when you sneeze? I thought stifling had to do with that?

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