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Good spray paint?

Asked by molly (259points) September 29th, 2008

for graffiti/general art purposes..i know montana is pretty much the best you can use, but any other recommendations? i heard krylon sucks.

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Sabotaz is pretty much amazing, but I’ve been hard pressed to find it in the states. I have heard they’ll be rolling it out soon though.

yes, krylon is Krap… and personally, I find Belton Molotow to be far superior to Montana. but that’s just me.

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Montana is the best one I’ve used, but it sounds like Shock has a bit more experience in this matter.

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Montana is by no means great – though if you can get hold of it the original Spanish pioneers Montana Colors are a great thick paint with high colour. They’re commonly known as ‘Montana Hardcore’.

Belton Molotow is the best out there, by far.

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thanks guys!

@benseven, that’s what i’m talking about, i’ve got a can of montana hardcore coming in the mail to try out!

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