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How are you observing Rosh Hashanah?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) September 29th, 2008

The Jewish Holy Day of Rosh Hashanah began tonight at sundown. I ate some apples and honey and went to services at Hillel. What traditions are other fluther members observing with respect to Rosh Hashanah?

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I am not Jewish, but it is the ten-year anniversary of the death of my son’s father. So my son and I will spend some time doing things to honor his memory.

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i had a big dinner with family from out of town and my grandparents. we made fun of sarah palin a lit because my bubby is very pro-sarah palin. we also showed her the website the big shlep. tommorrow, we’ll go to synagogue and have a late lunch with leftovers, and have a dinner at my grandparents house with more food. then, another lunch the next day.

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i just saw that clip tonight!! it was SOO funny! did i see somewhere that some jewish council on something or other paid for it?

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I went to services tonight and said Kaddish for my brother. The anniversary of his death always falls between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur on the Hebrew Calender.

Tomorrow instead of Synagogue, my sister and I will take my very old mother for a little outing to see the fall colors and then to a nice lunch at a restaurant.

And if I have hurt anyone’s feelings or upset anyone here, I apologize.

@Heart: it is traditional and also very comforting to light a 24 hr. candle from sunset to sunset in memory of someone you love. (But I am sure you know that already.)

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@Zach; try this link instead of yours:

I hope that your bubba has a sense of humor.

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I’ve always been interested in Judaism and their beliefs and the holy days and the such. Being a born and raised Catholic (gone Satanist at one point just kidding) I always was intrigued with other religions and have sampled many different ones, but never got around to Judaism. Maybe I should ask a general question about it for ere’ one to answer.

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From the sidelines, respectfully.

L’chaim! :)

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For what I think is the first time on this holiday, I did not go to temple tonight. Tomorrow I will go, and say kaddish for my late husband (Gail’s brother), and be with my friends in the town where we lived for 25 years. But tonight, just me. Maybe I’ll make some honey cake.
Wishing you all a happy new year. Let’s hope it really is!

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Shana Tovah to all

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Shana Tova,

May all of your names be inscribed in the book of life for the coming year.


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