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Apple2e system disks/info?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) September 29th, 2008

I know someone who has an apple2e (and all the trimmings), but no disks. The thing still turns on, but doesn’t do anything (no disks).

Does anyone have any info on where to find/replicate the disks needed to run this? Is there a good source of info on how this machine used to work (boot disk orders, etc.)
it’s older than I am.

I read the wikipedia article on this stuff, and it wasn’t that helpful.

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Wish I did, that’d be fun to fire up. I used to know a Hotline server that had every OS installer archived.

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Oh dude I so friggin rawk! Right here It’s got all types of downloads for everything apple. Took me a bit to find, but sweet! (although since you asked the question a 9 minutes ago it didn’t take as long as I thought.)

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Great answer tWRex – what a treasure trove for hobbyists! That’s a trip down memory lane.

They even have Cyberdog on there! I used that back in the day….

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I know! I saw it and go so geeked out I jumped outta my chair and patted myself on the back. Pretty conceited, but I was stoked that I could find it!

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WOW, thanks!!

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I am bookmarking that page! Cool!!

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tWrex – sweet find! I’ve got a Mac SE that’s been in it’s carry case for years. Now I can get it back up and running! Many thanks!

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Hell, I’m glad so many people are getting use out of it!

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