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How do I set my default Word program on a Mac?

Asked by evander (465points) September 30th, 2008

I have a Mac and have installed parallel Windows operating system to use Publisher for my job. I use Word within Mac OS for word processing, but now when I click on a document icon (within Mac OS) it automatically initiates the parallel Windows operating system to open the Word document inside Windows, when I just want to open it using Word inside Mac OS. How do I reset my default Word program to the Word for Mac within Mac OS?

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click on the document, press Cmd – i, you’ll see a “open with”, and select the right app, then you can tick a box to defaultly open all with that app

good luck

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Highlight the .doc, go to Finder: File: Get Info.

Under the Info window that appears, go to the bottom and in the section “Open with” indicate Microsoft Word from the drop-down menu; additionally, under that dialog, “Use this application to open all documents like this” click on the “Change All” button.

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Great Answer. Simplest answer I saw online & yet still effective. Thank you! :D

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