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Any Emory University alumni out there?

Asked by Sloane2024 (1879points) September 30th, 2008

If so, what was your major? Did you take part in the party scene? Tips on transportation as a freshman?

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Don’t know but I’m not.

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I’m not, but one of my friends is. She is not the typical sorority type, but she did join a sorority (Delta Delta Delta) while at Emory because Greek life is so big in the south. She actually ended up being the president of the sorority by her senior year.

She was a Political Science major and Women’s Studies minor. She enjoyed her education at Emory very much. She is currently working for a fantastic congresswoman in New York and well on her way to her dream career in politics.

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‘02 grad here…loved my time there…I was a Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology major. The party scene is cool…if you are looking for entertainment, you will definitely find it…if you go Greek, there’s definitely a large presence and party scene to go with that. Transportation while I was there was sufficient…Emory has lots of shuttles that run on- and off-campus, and there is a fairly well-developed public transportation system that is also available for use when the Emory shuttles are not in service. When I was a freshman, we were not allowed to have cars on campus (not sure if that has changed), but you’ll survive :)

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@dmatthe: Thank you!! My boyfriend is a freshman there now, and, no, the no car rule is still being implemented. Where did you attend graduate school?

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