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Do you believe in ghosts?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) September 30th, 2008

If so, why? What are they to you? Dead people, leftover energy, different beings altogether?

No Lurve for people who don’t give explanations for yes or no answers! Explain yourselves. :)

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yes, I do. Dead people are just bodies… I think it’s more than leftover energy but I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say it was a “lost soul” or anything. I’m not entirely sure. I guess I’d be under the different beings category? I don’t know, but I do love me some Ghost Hunters.

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I love the TAPS team. :D I wish I was rich enough to be able to afford all of the equipment they use…

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Just the Holy Ghost.

Other “ghosts” are demons posing.

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@Drastic: I’m trying very hard to work going to the Stanley Hotel next Halloween :)

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This upcoming Halloween, or next year’s Halloween? That would be really awesome! I hope you get to go. :)

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next Halloween. This Halloween would be way too expensive to plan that!

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Yes, indeed. Too far away for me to go, regardless. It’d just be really hard to get in, anyway. Good luck though. :)

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No such thing as ghosts, “Holy” or otherwise.

But, I could be wrong…

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I don’t, which makes my answer confusing.

When I was just a child, I saw a shining light above my doorway. It had the shape of a human with a glowing light surrounding it. I choose to believe it was my imagination or a dream but…you never know. I don’t!

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I went on a “ghost hunt” to the Moundsville Prison in WV. Didn’t see any ghosts, but the prison itself was spooky as heck!

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I believe in Boo-berry.

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Besides the holy spirit(ghost) no… Here’s my idea about ghosts…when your anticipating for something you notice things you haven’t for and you tend to think things over way to much and people automatically think it’s “supernatural” if your not waiting for something to happen like that it probably won’t.

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yes. Ghost are beings that are stranded on this side. Good ghost never want to scare you and are just as afraid of you of them. I moved into an apartment where a guy had killled himself. When I came home the lights would flicker and I would never think nothing of it. But there were times when I would wake up to someone pacing back and forth. The next week theneighbor downstairs told me that be had paced back and forth in his bedroom for three hours before h shot himself. No lie true story.

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cue the Theramin music…

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Yes I do, why, because I’ve seen a couple

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I believe that “ghosts” exist, but I am not exactly certain how to define them. Are they figments of imagination projected as real things? It could happen. The brain is an awesome power. Or, are they left-over energy? Or something entirely different? I have had a few strange encounters. In one case we were sitting at Christmas dinner at Jenn’s parents home. it was the first Christmas since her father had died. One of Jenn’s dad’s friends was with us at dinner and he said, “boy I know old Jimmi would have loved this wine!” With that, the lights went out and then popped on in just a few seconds. We all kind of freaked and the kids playing upstairs came down to see what the commotion was. We asked if the lights went out upstairs and they, to a kid, said that no they did not go out at all. Kinda freaky….

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They are real. They’re pretty scary. I found out that I once lived in an apartement with a ghost who hated children. It explained why I always felt so negative in my room.

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Y’know, I’m going to go against the grain here and put it simply. No. I do not believe in ghosts. I’ve seen a lot of supposed ‘evidence’ for ghosts, spirts, haunts, ghouls, or whatever you should so choose to call them based on whether they’re bad or good. The problem with this evidence is that it holds no scientific basis. Electromagnetic fields, temperature and pressure differences, “spooky” camera images? Hundreds, if not thousands of things could explain these occurrences better than the creation of a deity that has no basis in fact. The linking of personas to these occurrences likely has more to do with subconscious hopes and desires rather than conscious observations.

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