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Anything to make my hair grow faster?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) September 30th, 2008

I just cut my hair about 4 weeks ago, and I am dying for it to be longer again. Any knowledge on how to increase growth rate??

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prenatal vitamins

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Check out the b vitamins.

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Anything to make my hair grow slower? I have the fastest growing hair to the point where it’s not even funny!

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Let’s see I’ve heard that gelatin will help, or wheat germ, and also flax seed. Personally like @Comedian my hair grows so fast that it almost makes the hairdresser cry.

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amino acids

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I know taking the multi-vitamin I take makes my hair and nails grow very fast.

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Vitamins are great; hair also grows faster in winter. We get our ‘winter coats’. Woof!

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get one of the brushes ued for extentions. They don’t have any nubs on the end that usually help detangle. You will have to be more deliberate in brushing your hair, but you won’t pull out as much hair when you do brush it. If not longer it will at least be thicker.

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I take pre-natal vitamins (generic brand) and my hair and nails have never grown so fast! I thought that was an exaggeration or myth but I swear it is true!!

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get plenty of sleep, try to keep your stress level low, take prenatal vitamins, multivitamins, and b vitamins(b6), wash your hair every other day rather than every day,get regular trims (one a month or so), comb your hair instead of brushing it and not too often, comb your hair when its dry and not wet, message your scalp regularily, do regular hot oil treatments or deep conditioning treatments, dont expose your hair to winter air, dont towel dry your hair(air dry it), avoid tight ponytails and braids. Thats about all i can think of at the moment, hope this helped! :)

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@desiree: I feel my hair growing faster already! :)

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haha lol i am also trying to grow my hair long so i have clearly done my reasearch :)

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btw i have a couple more: dont overload on caffiene, drink plenty of water, and drink green tea, get regular excercise (walk briskly a few times a week), avoid chemicals in shampoos and conditioners(opt for some natural, organic products), and dont use to much product in your hair.I think if you do all these things you will notice a big difference in your hair soon!

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