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What is your favorite scented lotion?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) September 30th, 2008

I am a lotion fanatic, and I am looking for a good fall/winter lotion. I would prefer nothing fruity—what do you like?

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Cucumber melon. I love that smell.
Non-fruity you say?
Vanilla is nice as long as it isn’t too strong. Cinnamon smells really good. Pumpkin, too.

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Origins makes an awesome Ginger Souffle lotion.

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@Allie – I love the smell of cucumber lotion too.

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i have always loved baby lotion it just has a smell that i love and i use it alot if not that i like to use anykind of Rose lotions.

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The unscented kind!

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love spell

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I used to have one that smelled just like honey, but I can’t find it anymore.

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syz, are you aware of how much I love honey? Just ask PnL.

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Karma Kream is my latest obsession….but anything from Lush is fab!

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Love Spell and Gardenia

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Brown Sugar & Fig @ Bath and Body
it’s soo great and perfect for fall, I love it!

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Orrr patchouli. That’s also wonderful.

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Egoiste by chanel, I don’t know whow to describe the smell of the lotion, smells like, mmm, man maybe?

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“Kiss My Face” lavender, green tea or almond. Found in health food stores.

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Pure Grace or Handmade by Philosophy.

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I love the scent of Curel Ultra Healing – it’s a great, light, citrusy smell. I also love Bath & Body Works lavender from their aromatherapy line.

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Neutrogena make a sesame oil moisturizer than is divine!

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It’s not specifically scented, but Bliss makes a High-Intensity Hand Cream that has macadamia oil in it – it smells just heavenly…

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syz Was it Kings and Queens Nefertiti Shimmering Honey Body Milk or Body Butter? If so, I love it too but I just found out it’s discontinued!!!! WHY, WHY, WHY!!!

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