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Home-made or Man-made?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) September 30th, 2008

If someone said that a bandana was ‘homemade’ wouldn’t you not think that they had made it themselves? when they really meant, that they bought it but it was made by man. Doesn’t it make more sense to say that it was ‘manmade’ instead of ‘homemade’ to avoid confusion? (ps: plz don’t mind my spelling errors)

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Yes, saying it was “manmade” would make more sense. I would, like you, consider “homemade” to mean that the person actually made it themselves. Although what kind of bandanna do you just happen to find in nature? Oh look, a bandanna-growing tree.

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Lmfao, nice one “bandana growing tree”

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Was is tie dyed?
That’s the only way I can think of someone referring to a bandanna as homemade.

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No, it wasn’t tye dyed… lol

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homemade = they made it
handmade = someone made it
manmade = synthetic materials

Or, at least, that’s how I’d read it.

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I spent at least thirty seconds wondering how a banana could be homemade.

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Hahahahha.. I knew someone would.

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Pancakes are homemade.
Vinyl is manmade.

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well…if I were telling someone about the Bandana I bought…I might say something like this “hey check out the bandana I bought, it was homemade” making the person I was telling think, that I bought it from someone who made it at their home. I don’t think they would be confused in thinking that I made it myself.

usually something homemade would be a food though. So being the person being told that it’s homemade, I might ask, so they made it by hand home, or like in a factory by hand?

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how about just say made in…... to avoid confusion.

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If I call a bandana homemade, it means that I or the person I purchased it from made it at home. They cut the fabric and hemmed it (or did whatever else).

Handmade, someone else did this.

Machine made, a machine did it.

The first two are man-made, the third is machine made, but man-made in the second degree.

As bandanas do not occur in nature, I think it is redundant to call them man-made.

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