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What website do you waste most of your time on?

Asked by justinheckman (26points) September 30th, 2008

When your browsing the inter-web where abouts do you spend most of your time? For me I spend very much time on flickr wikipedia and Along with countless others but i always find myself going back to either of these. Also if you have some interesting bookmarks to share feel free.

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Lately? Fluther!

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The home page just lists news all over the music industry. It will tell you about bands going into the studio, give you free tracks, and even let you know if AP is doing an interview with a band. It’s seriously the best place to keep up to date on music!

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Digg, Fluther, Gizmodo and my photography blog.

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I’m on Google reader every five minutes. I guess it isn’t really a ‘website,’ because it just sends me to other websites. Pandora is always up, but I’m not constantly looking at it.

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Google Reader and the New York Times. RSS feeds are so dangerous since I’m not subscribed to 3 dozen feeds but I love getthing the content pushed into the small place.

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This one.

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Digg, Facebook, YayHooray, and Hulu.

popo7676's avatar,, digg, facebook, and of course fluther

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fluther and digg

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I don’t “waste” my time on any website.

If I am on one at all, I am spending my time constructively.

Even the porn sites I visit, are worthwhile.

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i created a web app for me and set it as firefox’s homepage, these sites are what i prefer:

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I am Proud to say its NOT facebook for me, Wow was I ever addicted to that one for a while. I am on MSN daily however. For an actual website I go on, I Kijiji alot – looking for good deals on random crap.

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Fluther. It makes me late to bed and late to school…

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Fluther, but I don’t see it as a waste of time

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fluther, newsarama, mac rumors, flikr, pandora, jib jab, virb, serious eats

Pretty much in that order by frequency. I work in an office alone with the back of my computer facing my door. I am also usually a good week ahead of my deadlines. So there’s much time to waste and lots of opportunity.

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NYT, and Fluther: for the last I do not consider it a waste of time. I learn, I teach, I laugh, I improve my writing, I make new friends.

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YouTube is a given, but a site I came across recently that has how to videos is MonkeySee. Definitely worth a visit…I’m addicted.

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@gailcalled for some strange reason I had the desire to hug you.

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@will: Why would that be a strange urge? I am deliriously huggable (as Ben had better testify to). If you embraced me, it would be friendly.However, If I you, it would be child molestation.

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