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Anyone still using floppy disks?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) October 1st, 2008

What size? 3½”? 5¼”? Older/bigger size/smaller capacity?

Tangential question: in countries on the metric system, how did they refer to those disks? 8.89cm? 13.335cm?

For those of you who only know what a bittorrent is, you can learn about floppy disks here. Back in the day, that’s how we played Zork.

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I don’t think there is even a slot on my just crashed PC. I’ll go through the pieces after I nudge it with my sledge hammer. But first I’m Mac shopping (already a very satisfied iPod and iPhone owner).

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I am! I use one to get a report off of an internet difficult computer every week. The USB ports are on the wrong side to use. I use the small, hard kind.

At home we still have a computer that takes the bigger, floppier kind. We fire it up every so often to play Classic Concentration.

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there’s no connection for it on my MBP, it does have firewire 800, so i bought a 1tb mybook studio today, figures that’ll take a bit more than a floppy

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I have one that I use, on occasion. I don’t use it often, but I have the reader, just in case.

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i think one of the reasons i stopped using them as soon as i could was because of all the bs i had with them at school, data lost etc…

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I am, and I actually depend on them. The computer I use for my laboratory work runs on DOS (an old Toshiba Portege), and the only way I can save my data is on 3.5 floppy. The hard part is finding a computer/USB floppy drive to transfer the files to my personal computer. What I end up doing is taking the disk home, putting it in my Toshiba running Linux, and email the files to myself.
The research group I am a part of also uses 5.25 floppies. Aren’t we cool?

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My machine has a 3 1/2 drv slot but the only time I’ve had to use it, was for my outdated laptop! DIN-O-SAUR!!!

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my mom does…

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I don’t use any portable physical storage devices.

Cloud computing, for the win.

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Floppy what?

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Only on my MIDI equipped Yamaha keyboard, where I can load and save songs.

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