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How do i restore different partitions?

Asked by iwamoto (5276points) October 2nd, 2008

hey guys, i’m having a bit of a thing here, customer wants a bigger drive, sure, no problem, built in the new drive want to restore it, turns out he also has a bootcamp partition, normally i just restore it with an install disc, but how the hell am i going to create a NTFS partition under mac to restore that windows partition ?, my best guess here is first restoring the mac partition, then use bootcamp assistent to create a new NTFS partition, and then restore that one, but hey, there might be faster ways, any ideas ? thanks !

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hmm, small update, for some wierd reason, after i made a new bootcamp partition, i can just write the old files to it, although i was under the impression that Mac OS couldn’t write to NTFS, oh well, it won’t boot yet, so let’s get cracking on that one

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@iwamoto, that used to be true, but Apple built NTFS support into Mac OS X a couple of releases back.

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Probably not relevant to what you’re doing, but just in case, make sure you unmount/disconnect any drives you don’t need to perform the re-partition.

I learned the hard way about a bug in the Leopard (and prior?) Disk Utility that reformatted the wrong drive when I was attempting to repartition a physical disk at the end of a firewire daisy chain.

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