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Can anyone give me some advice on home recording?

Asked by rovdog (842points) August 11th, 2007

Many questions in one. A recommendation for a good value condenser mic? A recommendation for a program to use?- currently using garage band- doubt I can afford pro tools, what are some others, and what are my limitations with Garage Band as you see. Recording into an Apple G4 laptop with an with an external to store files. Has an 1/4 in input- would a USB line in be clearly better? Specific of recording- will likely will be recording with one mic, one track at a time- mostly voice and guitar but also ukulele, bass, piano, and bells. I realize this is broad but any advice would be appreciated.

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Ck out M-audio (; they are the pro-sumer subsidiary of Digidesign (ProTools); they have entry level systems that include the audio interface, a condenser mic and recording software. Also, not sure you would qualify but they have a version of ProTools that runs on the M-Audio hardware (ProTools M-powered Academic) which is only $49 for those who can 'qualify' themselves. Referred colleagues and my students to this program and recommend to anyone serious about recording. Otherwise Apple's Logic Express while slightly more $ has a bit more for music production ie loops, virtual instruments a la GB, greater MIDI functionality etc.

On the mic side, Audio-Technica is a brand that has gd qlty mics for relatively little expense, and the BLUE snowball USB mic which plugs right into your laptop's USB port witlthout any additional hardware

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Thanks Sndfreq. I checked out M audio. For me, i think it might be an advantage to get familiar with the Pro Tools system, since it is commonly used for sound editing for film as well. Doesn't really matter but it might be nice. I think the only drawback is I think that you are wedded to their hardware. I think that's what I got from the site. It says it's not a watered down version of pro tools but I'm not really sure how that can be. What I like about Logic Express is the ability to remix stuff from Garage Band. It's unlikely I'm going to be doing much with virtual instruments or midi. Well, thank you for your thoughts. Any others or anyone else send them my way.

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thx rovdog yep protools and divi are proprietary when of comes to that system but some inherent advantages:

-industry standard
-m-powered is the same software as LE just compatible w/the M-Audio hardware;
-cross-platform-works across PC and Mac OS for when you are in a situation that calls for it
-re-wire software allows you to synchroniE and 'port in' other software ie Reason
-if you buy the bundle it comes with a number of add-on apps and plug's

As an audio pro I use both Lphiv and ProTools, and I do like the added bonus of compatibility from GarageBand onto Logic.


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Check out m-audio microtrack 24/96 portable recorder. Lists for $500, street price around $300. Very handy. Highly regarded.

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