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Does anyone have personal experience recovering from smoke damage to the house and could offer tips or ideas?

Asked by marinelife (62435points) October 2nd, 2008
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I found several links here that you might find helpful.

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Thanks, Scamp. I’ll check those. I got some good stuff from the University of Michigan extension. I just thought someone might have had better luck with some methods over others.

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My parents had a fire in their closet several years ago. Big fans were brought in. The smell in that room lasted quite a while, but it did eventually go away. Glad you’re okay.

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I’ll ask my parents for you later. When I was, like, 6 the chimney was clogged when we tried to use it. With coal. Which would clog it even more. They have lots of experience.

The alternative was not heating the house during a blizzard. Birmingham just doesn’t expect to get snow like that, so the power was out for something like two weeks.

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