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How to decorate an apartment in a manly style?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) October 2nd, 2008

I like many of the books I see for developing a strategy for decorating one’s living space, such as this one
Any suggestions for books/websites that are geared towards men styles without resorting to extremes (college dorm nor uber-rich looks).

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I don’t know of any books, but I can tell you what I find very manly and sexy: Hunting lodge motif. Sorry, but a stone fireplace and pine covered walls with mounted fish and wood floors…..mmm…sends shivers.

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Lots of dark colors and a TV & sound system the size of a truck!!!

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Favorite sports team memorabilia such as Steelers lamp.
The largest TV and sound system you can find.
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar on the wall.
Dirty socks on the floor.
Microwave and TV dinners in the fridge

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Mirrored ceiling in the bedroom?

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Here is a good article
Make sure you check out the related links below the article.

yeah, that book you referenced doesn’t look very manly

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Use blues, greens, browns – earth tones. If you want a pattern maybe a plaid or stripes.

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Remote controlled everything.

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The most manly style? No decoration at all, or anything goes, in fact, don’t even clean.

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HGTV is a nice website. This link explains the various styles of decorating.

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I put this book on the coffee table in the reception area of one of my apartment communities–1

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In your case, I would take your theme from your photography. I would use groupings of that on the walls as art. If you make the frames the same color and hang them as a group, they can really make a statement.

I am a huge fan of HGTV shows like Design on a Dime. They give great tips. If you look at their web site as was suggested, you will find a lot.

It is easy to be masculine in any type of decor, contemporary, traditional. Choose accessories with clean lines.

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@ fireside, awesome!
@Judi,& @ Marina, thank you as well.

I knew what I was bound to get back from the collective crew if I posted this question. If pretty much all answers are useless (as they intended to be), I bursted out laughing. Thanks. I needed that.

@boxing, I even gave you some lurve!

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@BronxLens I am afraid that I do not follow. Are you saying that these answers were useless?

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have you tried apartment therapy
not gender specific, but a nice place to find some inspiration.

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@Marina, no some were on the money; other were as intended, great humor takes on what many see as common denominators in men-decorated living spaces (e.g. remote controlled everything-Mirrored ceiling in the bedroom-No decoration at all, or anything goes, in fact, don’t even clean).

@surly – I get their newsletter, which motivated me in part to posting this question.

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@BronxLens, thank you!! ;-)

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I am in the process of designing a “man den” for my husband’s 50th birthday present. As he is a John Wayne type guy, it will have the feel of a comfortable cabin. Well worn leather chair, lots of wood tones, earth colors, with splashes of red and green. If you are more modern, think in terms of black hard surfaces (tables, entertainment center, bed) with neutral walls and an accent color. Good luck, and have fun!

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Everything in greys. Wide expanses of expensive, short-pile, harsh-textured carpeting (grey). One huge leather sofa (black or white). One big ugly “signature” dog. Your photographs arranged as described above by Marina in an ever-changing pattern.
Photographers’ lamps instead of living-room lamps. Plenty of silver tech objects. A few
cd’s scattered artistically on the excellent carpeting. No curtains. Glasses and a vodka bottle (Grey Goose) casually deployed on your glass-and-chrome or authentic antique Nigerian bolo-wood coffee table.

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p.s. I made up “bolo-wood”.

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@susanc Touché No curtains! So right!

PS There is such thing as bolo-wood! (actually called Coco Bolo Wood, but nobody here is gonna split hairs over that =)

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anything modern or industrial can make a space appear both stylish and “manly” look at some second-hand stores, IKEA , maybe if you feel like it try making a few shelves, change some light fixtures, paint an accent wall in a bold color and hang some B&W photos of bridges, buildings , old trains, classic cars, or whatever.

Just please avoid the cliche’ of glass coffe table, black leather couch and a monsterous exposed collection of electronics. also, vertical blinds are an abomination.

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Dark leathery colors, small bar, technology, massive bed

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