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High in Carbs breakfast?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) October 3rd, 2008

I am a cross country runner, I follow the usual “eat lots of pasta” the day before a race ritual. I was wondering however about a good breakfast also stocked with carbs. But also vegetarian friendly. Any ideas?

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Whole wheat toast (spread with pb and j) steel-cut oatmeal, nuts and dried fruits of choice. Beverage of choice.

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@gail I will take you up on everything but the pb just can not touch the stuff. Thank you though. I love oat meal. =]

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Bag the pb and spread with j only. Is it just peanut butter or all the other nut butters (like almond and cashew, which are real nut butters and I find delicious.)

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I might be able to tolerate the others, never tried it. Almond butter sounds yummy though.

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i like eggos ‘whole wheat’ waffles. they’re not 100% whole wheat, but they’re really easy to digest (something i find important before a run; i don’t know about you)

for the same reasons, i also prefer normal quaker oatmeal before training. although i certainly agree that the steel cut kind is better in just about all other situations.

i like smoothies before running. i put a bag of unsweetened frozen strawberries (you could do peaches, blueberries, whatever fruit), and either a little cranberry juice and some vanilla yogurt or 2 or 3 packets of splenda and a little skim milk.

sometimes i can’t get myself to chew early in the morning, especially if i’m tense, so that’s a good breakfast for those days.

it’s also a good breakfast because it helps you hydrate too, i don’t know about your coach, but i don’t think i’ve ever met one that doesn’t want to talk about pee color. i’m just like ‘ew?’

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Lots and lots of gingerbread pancakes with maple syrup!

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Pancakes and syrup—about as much of a cab load as you can get. They don’t have to be unhealthy either.

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It’s simple as this… Enriched flours (pancakes, donuts, etc.) are going to give you a rush of energy and then you are going to crash. I love pasta and pancakes, but they do make me crash.

Instead, to get a more even level of energy, try whole grain bread (that does NOT have high fructose corn syrup) with some peanut butter. Multi grain pasta is better for you, and why not eat it for breakfast? I don’t like the multi grain pasta as much, but it doesn’t give me the carb crash.

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JR is right. No white foods, including sugar. I still vote for old-fashioned oatmeal. And all carbs should be complex.

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Whole grain pancakes are delicious and not highly processed. You can add flax meal, bran, even nut flours.

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Thanks everyone. I don’t know about the pasta in the morning though just doesn’t sound very good to me.

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