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What should I buy my bridesmaids?

Asked by Jenapea (25points) October 6th, 2008

I’m trying to keep the price to 50.00

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$50.00 each or $50.00 between them?

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My sister got us all matching necklaces. (We wore them for the wedding, and it’s something I can still wear.) My sister-in-law got everyone a garnett bracelet (She’s from czech) Um…I’ll think on it and get back to you. How many do you have?

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My sister gave us necklaces too!

A necklace that goes with the neckline of the dresses or a bracelet that (again) goes with the dresses. If you have a theme, something that matches the theme.

We looked everywhere for posies (little silver cones that hold flowers basically) for bridesmaids. They were tough to find because they come in and out of popularity, but if you find them they make a nice way to hold the bouquets and come with holders so they can be used as classy bud vases later.

I think the main thing is to give something they can use in the ceremony, but also later in daily life as well.

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There are so many things you can get them that they would enjoy – why not choose something eco-friendly and/or fair trade? That way you know the money is also going to support something you believe in. A few ideas include handmade soaps, ” a basket of organic treats, or a fancy box of chocolates.

A lot of brides give their maids something they can wear at the wedding – like matching pashminas, handmade hair clips, or earrings.

Whatever you give I am sure they will be delighted you thought of them.

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$50 per person and there are six of them!

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