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How can I stop my cat from getting bored ?

Asked by pennylockhart2009 (29points) October 6th, 2008

my cat cries a lot and i think its down to boredom how do i deal with a cat like this

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Some cats, especially all or part Siamese or Burnese are just natural talkers. Do you play games with you cat every day? Indoor-only cats especially need stimulation and exercise. Some cats like balls (not all or even many, but I had a cat that loved to play fetch.

Most cats enjoy chasing things. You can buy toys on a string (like a little fishing pole) and play lure games with your cat (I used to do this with just ribbon and one of my cats loved stalking it and pouncing on it.).

If your window ledges are not wide enough, set up a cat shelf. That way your cat can sit in the window and watch birds and the world go by. They enjoy that very much. My hisband and I call that cat tv.

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This is the craziest fluther question that I have ever read. :)

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1. Provide multiple levels of lounging /playing space for your cat. Cat’s love to be up high and survey their catdoms. Get a cat tree, or provide shelves so kitty can have some vertical fun.
2. Cats also like to hide. Find a box, or buy a sack type bed, and put it in a secluded area of the house.
3. Provide self-play toys like balls or other small toys that can be batted around or attacked. Soft toys that kitty can get a grip on are good for this. I have yet to meet a cat that does not like these. Leave them out for playtime. Kitty will use them when it wants to.
4. You must engage in interactive play time with kitty at least one time a day. A pole with a string and something fluttery attached are good for this. Let kitty chase it, hunt it, and “kill” it. Do this before bedtime and kitty is less likely to meow.
5. Kitty meows, because you are responding to it. Try the things listed above, and stop reacting when kitty meows. It will be annoying for awhile, but when kitty doesn’t get a response, kitty will unlikely meow to get attention.

Good luck! Cats are wonderful, and can be trained. Well, more like the human can be trained to deal with a cat. = ^. .^ =

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@jjd2006: Apparently you missed my baby food question and the question about the frizzer.

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The best answer for us was: Get another cat! I really believe 2 cats are better than 1. They keep each other entertained for the most part, and groom each other in spots they can’t reach themselves.

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Apparently, cats like television.

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