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Favorite air fresheners?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) August 12th, 2007

With everything on the market now, I can't decide on a good air freshener. I want something that keeps the room smelling fresh, but not super strong flowers that make my head hurt. What do you like?

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I use febreeze, I love it nice and gentle smell.

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I was looking more for something that I can just plug in and ignore.

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Squeeze the handle! Plugins aren't subtle or fresh. I vote Febreze. It leaves a fresh linen smell, while at the same time neutralizing catbox odor from my two stinky kittens, Pickles and Don Rickles.

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"Clean Cotton" by Yankee Candle Company smells like fresh laundry and comes in a plug-in with refillable oils. I've given it as gifts to my bachelor friends for their apartments and it's always been a hit.

During the winter, you can swap it out with other scents that are non-flowery and more natural as well; balsam and cedar, which makes your house smell like Christmas tree, for one.

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Glade has some pretty cool air freshers that you can plug into the wall and it'll release fresh air after a certain period of time that you can set.

But in terms of smell, febreeze still is the best

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Yankee Candle the plug in sage and citrus

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I really like the scents at Method. They have some really subtle ones and even the more flowery ones dont have that synthetic smell that gives me headaches. Plus you can get a whole range of products that use similar scents, from laundry products to room freshness.

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my girlfried's definitive response is orange febreze in the can, because once you spray it, it doesn't smell like orange and doo doo-- just clean orange.

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I make a huge vote for "Pure Cirtus" orange spray. It's the perfect thing to keep in the bathroom for when you, you know.

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I love Yankee Candle Products. All of them are great. I also like Lampberger products .

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