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Sore throat cure?

Asked by Fallenangel (260points) October 6th, 2008

Every morning I wake up with a sore throat, and I’m pretty sure it because of the cold weather up here. A humidifier is kinda outta the question. Suggestions anyone?

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Hot tea, lemon and honey. Let a kettle boil for a while in the kitchen and steam up the room.

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Would help if i didn’t live in the dorms here on campus. lol

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Get an electric kettle; you can plug it in any outlet; tea bags and honey don’t need to be refrigerated. You can also make steam that way. The lemon problem I can’t solve unless you have a mini-fridge or a cool window ledge.

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No hot plates or anything allowed. =/

It’s a great idea, but i just don’t see how its gonna work.

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Well, there is always a hot shower.

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I’m not sure that electric kettles count as hot plates, as the heating elements are not usually exposed… I could be wrong. @gail, any thoughts?

I find that colas help the carbonation sort of numbs your throat…

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@Fallen will have to ask his RA. I don’t want to be responsible for burning down a dorm somewhere.

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Gargle with warm water and salt?
Shot of whiskey?
Probably go with the former if you need to be sober for class.

Check windows and doors for drafts.
Invest in a really cozy down comforter (for when you’re asleep).
And some scarves (for when you’re awake).

Gail: I like your disclaimer. Wonder if there’s been any dire consequences because of Fluther advice?

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@gail It has to do with the volt and watt restrictions for the wires in the walls to make sure they don’t over heat and cause a fire.

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Fallen, Just go get a small one or two cup kettle. This should generate less amps and volts than a laptop.
Some rules are just meant to be broken. If your waking with a sore throat and the school is not going to let you do anything constructive about it then how about bringing it up to the RN and organizing a meeting where you can be heard. I am sure that you are not the only one waking up like that.

Hot water and honey and lemon work wonders…. Add a nice bag of white tea and you are going to enjoy just about any thing the day will throw at you.

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If it’s because of drainage from your allergies, I would actually suggest a neti pot. I’ve got a link up to better explain what it is but you could probably purchase one at a drug store near you.

It’s basically a little genie lamp style contraption that you use to pour salt water through your nose. If you do this in the morning and in the evening, I’m willing to bet your sore throat would improve drastically (by the second or third day). Fight the cause, not the effect.

The only other tip in here that my doctor has suggested to me is gargling with hot saltwater. (For some reason he says to use sea salt but I’m not sure if it makes a difference). He says make it as hot as I can stand and gargle it a little bit at a time until the whole cup is gone. When my throat hurts bad, he’ll recommend that I do it three times a day.

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Neti pots work well if you have the proper-sized Eustachean tubes. How does one ascertain that? My sister and I tried the pot and had serious ear pain for hours. The small print on the Neti instructions say, “Do not use if you have narrow Eustachean Tubes.”

Fallen; what about the electric coil that you immerse in a mug of water? I hauled one around the country while on a Sabbatical and used it in various motels, including the Bates’ one. It won’t generate steam for the room but it may be safe.

A trick my mother used when we were kids was to put a pot of water on our old-fashioned hot-water heated radiators.

I forgot about the hot salt-water gargle. 1 t salt to 8 oz. water. A little salt goes a long way.

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Put rock salt on hot water then let it cool for awhile… then gargle it… works everytime for me.

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Thanks for all your help guys!

I’m gettin better ^.^

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Try to keep the sinuses clear and flowing too since it’s often from post nasal drip. Some simple saline inhalers are great and harmless.

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My throat always bothers me in the winter. Lemon slices in boiling water, with honey help. I like to suck on a lozenge every few hours, and at least three times a day gargle with salt water – one teaspoon to half a cup of lukewarm water. Halls honey lemon works best.

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