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Why is Kim Kardashian famous?

Asked by TheNakedHippie (470points) October 7th, 2008

I just saw her speak on TV and I’m at a loss.

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Related to Bruce Jenner

Was Paris Hiltons Friend

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Her dad Robert was a friend and confidant of OJ Simpson and become something of a celeb. Kim is famous for that and her beautiful face and full fanny.

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Sex tape.

I’m pretty sure she had a sex tape that made her famous.

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Ohhhh, a sex tape! I thought I’d heard that somewhere…

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Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public….

generally attributed to P.T. Barnum but also attributed to H. L. Mencken

and sometimes it is taste in the quotation and some times it’s intellingence.


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@gail that’s what I said when she was on Dancing With The Stars. LOL

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She is also in a reality series about her family Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I think that is why she is known right now, apart from Dancing With The Stars. I doubt the reason she is on that show would be simply because of a sex tape!!!

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My first thought was “who the hell is Kim Kardishian?”

Now, my impression is that there has been far too much attention wasted on her, and far too much information available concerning her life and habits.

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@tantigirl: Disagree! There was just an article in Los Angeles Magazine about the “new age of sex tapes”.

I feel confident in saying that if Kim had never had a sex tape with Brandi’s brother, she would not have a reality show.

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@Andrew, I meant I doubted that she would be on Dancing With The Stars because of the tape. I don’t doubt that she is on the reality circuit because of it though.

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@Andrew: I saw that article too! That’s how I knew it was what made her famous.

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Her big ass!

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Don’t forget she dates Reggie Bush.

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I feel out of the loop… I don’t even know who these people are, haha! Reggie Bush, Bruce Jenner???

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Reggie Bush is a runningback for the Saints and Bruce Jenner is a great Olympian from the 1970’s.

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Gooch: Thank you much, I feel enlightened. :]

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She is INCREDIBLY attractive. And someone who knows how to use her nepotism! Oh, and she has a sex tape where she looks amazing.

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She is very beautiful, I just wanted to know if there was a substantial reason for her celebrity.

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I have a big ass! How come I’m not famous?!?!

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No (publicly aired) sex tape.

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So all I have to do to get my own show on Bravo is put a sex tape on the internet? Awesome!

Alrighty then, I’m gonna head over to Bri L’s question about why women get naked online. I need to add:
-To get their own show that comes on right after Kathy Griffith

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