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Have you ever thought of any really great band names?

Asked by eatmunky (358points) October 7th, 2008

Not necessarily for others to use, but I think it’s fun trying to come up with band names, just like phrases you hear throughout the day. Some I’ve thought were good/funny were: Modern Moustache Practices, Beauty of the Beast, and Inject Me With Gasoline and Punch My Face.

Anybody have any cool/funny/interesting band names?

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Candy Fish and Her Dirty Cadillac

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Elephant Moon Disaster

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my band in Guitar Hero II is “Frisky Pouf”

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Bananarama, The Bangles, and Poison! oh, wait…

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I got one, but I’m saving it for when I get a band started.

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CatchyName Productions

CatchyName Fashion

CatchyName Windshield wipers. Uh….. no. Can the last one!

CatchyName Branding—the company with the catchy name!

Hmmm. Then there’s:

Repeat Fire: cologne for men.

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Cougar Attaxx!
and then my actual old band name, Bird vs. Bird.

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I’m in the Vadge-a-bonds (a riot grrl group) and Dakota Fanning Rehab, right now. Making up band names is one of my favourite things to do with my friends, though.. that and “What’s the title of your autobiography?”

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Oops. I read it as “brand” names, not band names. Sigh. Maybe I need new glasses.

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I started and named my old band Whorehouse of Representatives

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Haha these are great! my favorites so far are Frisky Pouf and Vadge-a-bonds. I had quite a hearty laugh at Frisky Pouf.

The band I’m in currently is called Ape Warrior btw.

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@eatmunky: LOL thanks :)

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Well when I get the people, the band name will be Narcosis, which is a drug-induced state of unconsciousness.

I got it from a poem inside a Velvet Revolver album.

Slither King and Queen of Narcosis
Baptized in Blood
Insane with Love

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My band name in Guitar Hero III is Massokissed!

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I really liked Gaetan Zero when I was in high school, after Gaetan Dugas who was alleged to be Patient Zero of the AIDS epidemic at one point.

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Air force nun!

Best. Name. Ever.

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I didn’t come up with it, but I’ve always quite enjoyed Jesus Christ and the Nailknockers.

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My three favorites are: Smut Monkeys, Explosive Diarrhea and the Shitkickers, Sweet Baby Cthulhu.

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lurve for sweet baby cthulhu lol

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Mom & The Wench.

OR Dirty Minx & The Sauceboxes

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ThunderCunts. :)

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Led Zeppelin

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delapedated swede… (which really isnt that great but oh well…)
and me and my friends had this stupid band called Nuclear Ted and his army of fun…

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Malley No show.

Tyrell’s Niece.

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Tequila Mockingbird.

Dead Ni**er Storage.

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Tore yer Anus.

We’d be a glam punk band that does homoerotic Tori Amos covers.

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Corporate Dopplegangers. Mostly because the girls I was in the band with all looked like they could be my twin, or were related to me. Also, we all wanted to avoid corporate jobs, because we didn’t want to work for the man.

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hahahaha wait, I remembered two names:

rock street (now it seems funny to me, it’s like it’s been 100 years or something…. anyway. this was the first name of my band. in sixth grade. hahahaha. all girls. and they had noooo idea. neither did I xD :p)

annnnd here’s the second: strangers (I remember, we changed the name when we found a drummer, I don’t know why. but after a while, in the ‘band’, it was only me and my best friend, because all the others left us, to join the other band. the slut of the school was the lead singer, and they just wanted to get even closer to her. how stupid. anyway)

now I’m all alone, and I only sing in the shower, but it doesn’t matter xD :p

if I was in a band now, and had to find a name…. I guess it would be something like ‘true lies’, or just ‘liars’, or ‘vampire hunters’, or ‘daydreaming of the night’.
it would be a loser band, for sure

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The band I was in started out as ‘Funhaus’ and we ended up as ‘The Rhythm Junkies’

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Yes. I once read an article by Joe Elliot of Def Leppard, which influenced me to think of band names. It came to him and he changed the spelling. It’s been twenty years and I still don’t have a good one! I would suggest an oxymoron with three syllables, this way you have a branded band! Lol! I always come up with more of a song title than a band title.

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2)Passive Vengeance
3)As I Lay Coloring
4)Suicide Attempt
5)Santa’s Little Demons (It is Christmas lol)

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@tennesseejac That site gave me Turqoisey Sardine. HAHAH

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