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At what stage of intercourse do you engage in dating?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) October 7th, 2008

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Who needs dating when the best part is already happening?!!! I mean, why else would you date anyway? Sex is the end goal. This way there is no “middle man” so to speak. All that emotional stuff just gets in the way, so cut out that crap, and go straight for the gold!!! ;)

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As soon as the money changes hands.

Sorry i couldn’t resist…

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Hilarious. I wouldn’t touch the other question but I will do this one.

If you creep out in the middle of the night then it’s technically not a date. So I’d say you’re dating by the time you wake up with the other party.

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Do you ever create certain smells?
How do I find a good bj?
How do I stand up famous comedians in my area?

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I’d suggest trucker bathrooms.

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Why have my sex tapes never made me famous?

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When it just feels right. I personally am seriously considering saving myself for marriage – and only dating that special person once we’ve already tied the knot.

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@Jason—you are so old-fashioned! Get with it! Doncha know that the dating revolution has been won?!? You can date promiscuously (albeit serially), and no one will blink an eye. Why save it for marriage?

your answer made me lol… GA!

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LMFAO…..I lurve you daloon!

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All joking aside, I would say wait until you have had at least 5 real dates, IF he is someone you would want to be serious with. I read somewhere once that said, “A man does NOT want to think of his ‘future wife’ or ‘girl of his dreams’ as promiscuous, and if you sleep with him right away he will think you are and not take you seriously”. But hey, if he doesn’t fit in your “serious” category, what the hell, have fun! Just don’t forget to use that lovely condom!!

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@chicadelplaya: I think you meant to say that you shouldn’t date a fellow you’re interested in until you’ve slept with him at least 5 times, if you want to date him seriously – many men don’t want to think of the ‘girl of their dreams’ as an “easy dater”, at least not until there’s been some sex.


hint: read the question again, carefully.. :)

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Hey JJ- thanks for the laugh!!

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Usually when I’m engaged in intercourse I like to date younger men, and not just one
younger man but several; one for lunch, one for drinks, and one for dinner and perhaps a little intercourse. Of course this is awkward, I acknowlege it, because dragging the person I’m already having intercourse with to all these dates is, you know, heavy. But ya gotta try, don’t you,
or nothing will ever happen.

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@susanc: I like your attitude!

But, just warning you, I’m not an easy date! I don’t date until we’ve had intercourse at least ten times.

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Dating happens before you have sex at least in my book

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@creative1 You’re just so traditional!

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