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How can you tell how many pixels are in any given image?

Asked by mindyann (2points) August 13th, 2007

I am trying to import pictures from Google Images into an IDVD presentation but the images are distorted. I was told to use at least one with 1280 pixels. The only "numbers" the pictures give is something like 640x480. How does that translate into pixels?

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640 is the X (Width)
480 is the Y (Height)
Both of the above measurements are in pixles

To get the same ratio on screen with the image size you need as a 640x480 image would provide you would need an image that would be 1280x960, essentially double the size of a 640x480 image.

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How are you displaying the presentation eventually? On a TV or a monitor? If you're using a TV, you may be all right-- standard NTSC is only something like 720 x 480.

The real question: how are the pictures distorted? Are they squished or stretched? Then the problem may be the way your project is dealing with the images -- it may be mashing them to fit the screen (or more likely, the resolution at which your project is set).

Are they really blurry or pixellated? Then it may be zooming your image because it's looking for more pixels than you have.

I'm not super familiar with iDVD, but either way, you can look into your iDVD project settings or your image import settings.

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