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What Text/HTML/PHP editors support SVN check in/out?

Asked by kullervo (785points) October 8th, 2008

I know that Coda and Dreamweaver CS4 will support Subversion/SVN so I can check in and check out of files and keep versioning easily but looking for alternatives as Coda is only on Mac and Dreamweaver CS4 is a bit pricey (esp in the UK)

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Eclipse with the subclipse plugin is cross-platform, has robust svn-support, and is free/open source. You’ll want other plugins too, probably Aptana for the HTML/PHP.

Komodo will do this as well, though for svn support you need the paid version. I use openKomodo (the open source version), and do my version control from the command line, though I’m not using svn.

There’s a host of other options, too, like vim, emacs, jedit…. If you want a huge list check out

I’d say the top 3 you should play with are eclipse, komodo, and jedit.

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Thanks Ben. Unfortunately SVN is forced on me and so is the budget for the app but as long as it’s reasonable paying shouldn’t be a problem – just have to convince finance.
Will check out eclipse as had a few ppl mention that now and Komodo. Heard bad things about jedit but can’t remember what…

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Emacs. BBEdit. Or just get something like TortoiseSVN and whatever editor you’re currently using.

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I use TortoiseSVN and it’s proving annoying so hence my search for something intergrated. I liked the way Dreamweaver let you choose to commit on save or at a click of a button.

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Check out Panic’s Coda, it now handles SVN.

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