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Is there a reason for rel="shortlink" yet?

Asked by J3 (63points) February 14th, 2010

I recently added a URL shortener to a blog I run so my writers can use it when posting links to Twitter or in our forums and emails. It’s really nice: we use a domain that is a shorter version of our name rather that some one else’s name like “”; we have control over the path so instead of randomness at the end like “” we can use something specific like “ourshortdomain/bestof09”; plus we can keep full stats on the clicks.

As part of the upgrade I’ve added the [ link rel=shortlink href=URL ] code to our headers. I was hoping that when a site like Twitter saw our full URL they would auto shorten based on our metadata. No such luck.

It’s not a big deal. We can paste the short links ourselves. I was just wondering if the rel=shortlink code was actually being supported anywhere or is this just a future-proofing measure.

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If you are crossing services that have open API’s sometimes you need a custom made solution by a proffesional to bridge the gaps left. You have to judge it against the cost to you and your workers with the time they spend on an inelegant workaround

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thanks for the input. This is not a feature we need so definitely not worth the effort. I just wanted to see how it worked and can’t find anywhere that recognizes it.

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Reading the Short URL Auto-Discovery proposal by Robert Spychala should answer many of your questions.

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Thanks, I have read that. But it is a very good read for developers who have no idea what we’re talking about!

As it mentions:

“This proposed API would have to be implemented by both parties to be successful:
– content providers like,,, et al.
– the twitters, and facebooks, their blogging tools and clients to check for the shorturl tag”

I, as a content provider, have implemented it on my side. My question was has any one on the flip side of the equation implemented it so I can see it in action.

As I said in my original question, this is not a big deal. It’s really just curiosity on my part to see this proposed feature in action. For now it appears we’re ready when ever the other side is!

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Found an answer and will post it here in case any other geeks like me are looking for it!

This page has a URL shortener on it that is supposed to use the rel=shortlink as the default and if none is listed fall back to one of the other shortening companies. I tried it (before posting my question here originally) but it did not work. I just noticed the site has a bookmarklet, and after giving that a try happy to say it works perfectly! Click the bookmarklet when on any webpage and it will provide you a shortened URL you can copy—provided by either the website you are visiting itself or from TinyURL if the website does not support rel=shortlink.

Thanks to everyone for the help!

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