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Hey look! Another iPhone question!

Asked by AstroChuck (37428points) October 8th, 2008 from iPhone

Does anyone else have this problem with their iPhone? Quite often when I hit the backspace it decides to go goofy on me and just keeps going, erasing all this text that took me two minutes to type. Does this happen to you? If so do you think that Apple™ will address this bug?

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It happens to me too. I think it might be from that annoying keyboard lag that they still have not fully fixed.

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Yes it happens. Seems that it doesn’t register you let go and so continues to delete. If you tap backspace again it usually stops it.

The only way I see this being fixed if Apple add the option for setting backspace to only ever delete one character at a time which will make deleting long messages a pain.

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Having backspace just delete on character at a time could work. Then Apple could introduce the ability to cut and paste. You could hit some “highlight” button while dragging your finger across the text you what to highlight and then hit the backspace.

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Yes, it happens to me – usually I hit the space bar quickly and it stops freaking out.

Hope it’s on the bug list.

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It’s caused by having the caps button on when you backspace.

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Yes it’s happened to me a few times also. >:-(

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Ummm… What?

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I haven’t noticed any correlation between the cap button being pushed and the backspace going haywire.

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Boy do I ever feel stupid…. I thought that was a built in feature to delete text quickly.

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LOL – sound like me when bug fixing. No Mr Client, that isn’t a bug – it’s a Feature :)

If it is a deliberate feature then it needs to be binned along with the predictive text. The amount of times I’ve sent messages with stupid errors when the iPhone things it knows better than me. It has improves slightly since they brought out localisation as the US spellings that kept trying to correct my english ones are not so bad. I type and get’m now with localisation I get – a step in the right direction but still wish I could turn it off.

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Kullervo- I never thought about that. I can imagine how annoying it would be trying to write the king’s English and it keeps changing the spelling to Webster’s American spelling. I get frustrated enough when it “predicts” something that I wasn’t intending to write.

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This has happened to me many times, and I have never noticed a correlations with Caps Lock. All you can do is try hitting another key to stop it.

As for the auto-correct, I also find it frustrating! One that gets me is its desire to change its to it’s!!

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