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I m in love with a guy but from the last 1 1/2 years we are not in proper touch as well not having good terms. Just because i had hurt his feelings on one single misunderstanding. For the same i had ask him sorry. He said its ok but now we are having formal terms.He said his family is searching a girl for him but today he havn't ask me for marriage now. I want him back in my life. What should i do know. Suggest me. How to make him feel that i love him so much.

Asked by diya (1points) October 9th, 2008

we are in touch just by emails not having telephonic communication.

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If you leave that question with me for shortening, I can have it ready for you by next Tuesday, at the latest.

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Sounds like you come from a culture other than mine (Northern European) if his family is searching for a girl for him? I imagine this complicates the issue because it is not just an issue for the two of you, and there might be all sorts of cultural, religious, class, custom, issues involved.

These issues are always risky to provide answers to as we don’t know the details and I get the distinct impression that perhaps English isn’t your first language. “What are formal terms?”

Anyways, if you’re happy for us (me) to potentially give wrong advice, here it is.

My guess is that the problem is not that he doesn’t know how much you love him, but rather, he doesn’t feel the same way you do. Sorry.

Ask yourself why he isn’t going to the same trouble trying to make you understand how much he loves you and I think you’ll be heading down the right track. My advice, given the tiny understanding I have of the situation is, move on. Find someone who you don’t have to convince how much you love him. Someone who would chase you to the ends of the Earth.

Good luck either way.

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Firstly – don’t expect things to go back to “the way they were” instantly from one action. Be prepared to have very civil/formal conversations first. However, after spending time together doing things you both enjoy it won’t be long before you get a result. Either he will warm to you and have strong feelings again, you will discover only friendship is possible or you will not get past the awkwardness and you will know that this relationship is not going to work.

So basically my advice is persue a friendship first. Get your relationship back on friendly speaking terms. And then let him know how you feel.

Good luck.

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The description box is there for a reason.

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Move on. You’ll end up Third Wife.

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