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How to make ourself happy when we are in not a good mood.

Asked by diya (1points) October 9th, 2008
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Depends on what you want to achieve. You can look for short term happiness or you can work on addressing what is making you unhappy.

Short term is easy for me. I grab a six pack and a book and go down to the river and read and drink. My sister shops. Different strokes for different folks. What you might like is impossible for us to know.

The thing is the problem doesn’t vanish. I can polish off a six pack and a book and the problem is still there. My sister can buy a new pair of shoes and the problems are still there when she gets home.

So what I usually try to do is accept the problem. No amount of “If only I had done this” will ever fix a problem. Once you accept reality you can then decide how to correct it. Or at least make it hurt as little as possible.

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We all need a good mood lifter but it’s important not to choose one that’s destructive or we can become dependant on like Alcohol.
Some people used to think ice cream or some treat food would be good but with the increase of Obesity and people getting “addicted to food” I’d avoid that.

I like watching a good comedy, playing some music or spending time with my daughter. She’s nearly two and no matter how down I am she can make me laugh.

Whatever you do, don’t wallow or feel sorry for yourself. Get up – be positive do something to take you mind off what ever is getting you down. And sad times are always followed by happy ones.

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try not to care so much and forget about those “small” stuff that you are worried about.

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Sing. You can’t be pissed off while singing.

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Listen to reggae?

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