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Is it "traditional" that a pet SKUNK has to be named after some cologne or perfume?

Asked by JackAdams (6497points) October 9th, 2008

I’ve had friends/acquaintances who have owned a Skunk named “Chanel” or “Coco” or “Coty”.

Just once, I’d love to meet one named, “Stinky,” but that probably won’t happen during my lifetime, although I actually DID get introduced to a pet Skunk whose name was “REEKY REECARDO,” because, as they explained, he reeked.

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And what’s wrong with Pepe Le Peu? Did I spell that right?

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You can name your pet skunk just about anything you want, although for the sake of the ears of those around you I suggest something acceptable to polite society.

I assume the fact that skunks, when intact, can produce a horrible odor for defense, has everyone’s minds on smells and that they like the sarcasm of naming a skunk after a nice smell.

I have known two pet skunks. One was named Bijoux and the other was named Flower but usually called Bowling Ball (she ate like no tomorrow so that she looked like a furry bowling ball on tiny legs, and whenever we tried to put her on a diet she just went into hibernation).

And, of course, there is always Pepe Le Peu – if he was good enough to serve as inspiration for Jack Sparrow, then his name should be most appropriate for any pet skunk.

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I’m hijacking your question, Jack… just a bit.

How does one keep a pet skunk without ever accidentally setting him off?

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I was not aware that there was any tradition surrounding the naming of a pet skunk! As a mater of fact I didn’t know that there was even a tradition of having a pet skunk.

I am pretty sure that if I ever decide to own one, his/her name would probably be Precious or Rhett.

@Poof, you can have their “stinkers” removed.

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@Super: I figured that… but it seemed… a little inhumane to me. Like declawing, sort of. But then I guess it’s probably more like a spay/neuter situation.

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@Poof, I agree with you. It sounds like it would be inhumane!

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You have to consider the self esteem of the skunk. They already have a bad name just for defending themselves -which is just soooo unfair. So, if you love your pet, as you should, you will hold with tradition and name them after beautiful aromas of some sort. It’s for the well-being of the skunk and the betterment of the relationship between you and your pet.

If perfumes just seem too cliched and over-done to you then you can name them after a specific flower or your favorite Aroma Therapy fragrance. Try Relaxation, Awake, Calm, or Ocean Breeze. There’s nothing to say these can’t be beautiful names, too.

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The skunk doesn’t know it has a bad name. The skunk doesn’t know it’s socially unacceptable to stink.

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@poof: that’s part of the joke.

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Thanks @Jack

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From what my own Vet told me (I go to him, because he’s cheaper than a regular MD), in some jurisdictions it is illegal “de-fume” a Skunk, and many Vets refuse to perform the procedure (even if they know how to do it, and can do it well), because some feel that it is either inhumane or cruel, or just plain “unethical,” and a large percentage of the cute little stinkers, for some reason, cannot live through the procedure.

I had some neighbors across the street from me, when I was around 13 years old, who owned one that was not “de-fumed,” and claimed that she had never sprayed them.

When I asked why, one of the kids said, “We try very hard not to piss her off.”

If I had one with the odor glands still intact, you can bet the farm that s/he would get whatever she wanted.

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@Jack: It’s as simple as her hiding under the bed, for example, and you walking up to it while she was sleeping. I find it impossible, unless you had maybe a pothead skunk.

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I read somewhere that spraying is simply a reaction to fear, and if they aren’t afraid, they just won’t do it, just like a dog won’t deliberately bite its owner/master/mistress/whatever, without a darn-good reason.

Besides, if the critter had sprayed, I imagine that it would have done so, only once, before being transported to the taxidermist.

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Great question – we adopt pet skunks for love and fun. All these skunks needed homes and we took them in, so most already ha names.
Skunk names we have given Sequoia who we called Pooh for short, and Puey as in suey. Gizmo (ugh hate that name) changed name to Jeronimo because of way he would leap off tall everything, who was called Baby later.
Jasmine who we called Jazzy
Pepe (geesh I knoooww) who we called Sage and Cute Stuff
Blossom – kept her name and call her Honey Bunny
Lacey – love her name
Itty Bitty Pretty One – Itty for short
Fern for the tail

Has been fun answering this question, love skunks, write about them almost everyday. Visit my blog sometime to read about their escapades.

Mama of skunks

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