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Do you have a Fluther crush?

Asked by GD_Kimble (2277points) August 13th, 2007

Now that a real community has formed within Fluther, is there anyone you breathlessly hope will answer your questions? Or do you pose specific questions that are (not so) secretly aimed at a specific user?

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Awesome question... there is romance everywhere, why not here :)

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I only want answers and the benevolent feeling that come with helping to answer questions.

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In another life, Supergirl might have been mine (just a vibe thing), but I've enjoyed "watching" her little relationship flower and bloom. She's obviously a pretty thoughtful person.

(If anyone says a word to her, it'll be your last.)

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I've directed some questions with the hope that gailcalled answers, since she gets lost in the tech questions.

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@perchik; thank you from your favorite idiot savant. (I have learned how to find the source code and a few other morsels, thanks to fluther, but find it dull. Of course, there's a new iMac and, one hopes, Leopard, in the near future). And I may even switch from dial-up to DSL if I win the lottery. Going outside now to look for stray meteors.

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And, I forgot to add, I have had some hilarious (and sweet) private correspondences that I have enjoyed very much.

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I must confess, I love to see what hossman says about life...

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Oh on a related sidenote, I think glial and I are the same person.

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its fight club all over again

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I enjoy Hossman, also!

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i like zina's questions though i never seem to have good answers for her questions

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Hey Perchik, I thought we were the same person! (Could this be the first Fluther jilt?)

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@ Perchik and Segdeha

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Hey, who *doesn't* at least have an intellectual crush on Ben and Andrew for having the foresight and gravitas to take a risk, create this site, pitch it, pull it off and operate it on a daily basis? While I'm sure it's a labor of love, I'm sure they're probably "in labor" for at least 12 hours a day.

I'm lucky if I can remember to pick up my dry cleaning and pay my parking tickets.

Also, I think I would like to be adopted by gailcalled.

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gailcalled. she's so smart. I want to see this house she's always talking about.

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Zina captured my heart with "sweet potato and blue cheese quesadillas"

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I get a sort of calm, grounded and definitely happy feeling when I read gailcalled.

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Gailcalled is, indeed, most endearing to many of us! And she is definitely one of Fluther’s biggest backers! Yay, gailcalled!! We love you!

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Mmm. I don’t know where to begin… I’m fluthered away… I am loving this stuff already.

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oh yeah, and I agree with flameboi…romance is sneaky

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i like bulbatrons answers. and johnpowells too.

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We just met, I wait until at least the second date.

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yes, but i’m easy

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* sigh *

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