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What are some cool things you can only get in france?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) October 9th, 2008

stuff for guys, so no shoes, purses, etc…

also, stuff that can be on a plane or under the plane. or by post.

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Snobby service.

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Dammit, Chuck beat me to the quick wit.

Now I’ve got nothing…

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a view from the top of the Tours Eiffel.

Yeah, you do have to stand in line for freakin forever, but it is so worth it.

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French girls.
Might have a problem with the Post though.

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well, i was hoping for answers that depict material items.

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Some of the most important things in life aren’t material items, zack. Most of them, I’d say.

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but i’m not going there, so i cant experience these things. my parents are there and want to bring me back something.

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All my favorite things in France (that aren’t nailed down) are food. Can’t really being them back, though.

Have your parents go to Notre Dame and buy some street art from the surrounding streets. There are some really cool starving artists around there.


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Oh, well that’s unfortunate.

The things that are coming to my mind are either so ubiquitous you can buy them here too, or they are so specific that you couldn’t ask someone to look for them. I think Trumi has a great suggestion. Another place that has a lot of wonderful street art is the area around the Louvre.

You could ask them to bring you something from the gift shop from the Musee D’orsay. I remember it being quite interesting.

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I think it’d be cool just to get the french version of whatever you’re into here.

Maybe ask them to pick up some french jazz for you? I’m sure you could download a lot of it online,
but ask them to find something more obscure. Maybe in an old record shop?

I didn’t even realize it until I googled it, but the French actually have a hockey team!
Even if you’re not a fan, it’d be fun to have a jersey from some random French team.

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(Or maybe have them buy the hockey team). Do you really need more stuff?

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Real French kisses!

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Another idea: My uncle lived in France for a while, and he collected miniatures of the famous buildings there. I don’t know if you can buy these on ebay, I’ve never looked, but I always admired his collection.

Wherever you go, the gift shop will have little replicas that fit in the palm of your hand, Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, the Louvre, Napoleon’s Tomb, Arc de Triomphe, the Hotel De Ville, there are a million other places. I never got any because I went for the scarves and dresses, but some people find them very charming.

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good ideas about the art and also about the minisculptures. ill send an email to my parents about these things (they’re on the plane as i type)

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How long will they be there? Is it for business or fun?

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my dad had a conference and brought my mom with him. he’s gonna be at the conference for 1.5 days (but not at night), and then the rest is fun, half of it at the organization that’s hosting the conference’s expense. he just doesn’t get the money that they usually give the speakers. they’re there until tuesday.

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Short trip! I hope they brought something to combat the jet lag!

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my dad travels for conferences often, so he’s a happy traveller and knows a few tricks, like seeing the sunset (somehow it resets my body clock), sleeping on the plane, and this one miracle product: a tape that you turn on while you’re sleeping and it makes your body clock used to the new place. it actually works. but im not sure about my mom. it wont be the jetlag that could potentially ruin the trip, it would be the worrying about what me and my siblings are doing on a 4 day weekend (thanksgiving in canada) with the house to ourselves. ;)

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You mean a cassette tape?

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ya. it played some sort of sound that you would get on a snowy tv. i forget the company, but i used it when i was little and it works. and in the last few years, we had a flood in the basement and it was probably destroyed, so i have no way of finding it. ugh.

however, it could have been just the belief that i’d wake up in the morning alright. children are usually gullible.

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A little of topic; what do you suppose they call French toast in France?

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Nutella is like a chocolate peanut butter that is all over Europe but hard to find here. It’s really yummy!

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I love Nutella! Hazelnutty goodness. But we have it in lots of stores around here.

Is there a Trader Joe’s near you?

@Chuck: “pain perdu”, or “lost bread”. And french fries are “pommes frites”, and are often eaten with mayonnaise.

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Le toast?

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Astro, someone on here told me a joke about their parents being in France. They asked a waiter, “Can we have some french toast?” and he said “madame, all of our toast is french”
ha ha ha.

they have nutella at kroger where i live….

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nutella is amazing. we have it everywhere in montreal. when i ask for a crepe at restaurants, it says on the menu, served with nutella brand, and if it doesnt, we ask for it, and the waiter always knows what we’re talking about.

french fries, as trumi said, are called pommes frites, because a pomme de terre is a potato and fried is frite. and i went to a soccer game in france and they had a shack, lirterally stuffed with french fries and you got a scooper and took the fries out of the shack and into a paper dish. then, you put a ton of mayo on top.

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Speaking of Canadians and fries—POUTINE!
How aboot you send me some of that through the Post?

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I think they call it Freedom Toast.

There isn’t really much you can get in Paris that you can’t get more expensively here.
But how about something strange and wonderful from the flea market? That could be a great outing for them…

Oo, poutine, the horror, the horror… and I think you can only get that in Quebec, non?

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LOL, Susanc! Freedom toast!

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just looking at that pic makes my arteries clog!

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Delightfully clogged?

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Once upon a time, but no, it just ain’t worth it anymore.

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Bic lighters with adjustable flames.

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My roommate in college got a v.d. there but I guess I wouldn’t really call it “cool”.....

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The real french kiss .The schampagne area can give to us unremarkable taste of vine from firs hande.It is straight of vineyard.Planty of more???

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crême glacée

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You won’t have any trouble finding products made in France. But if you want wine, beer, cheese, and other food products that are not from France, you will have great difficulty.

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