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What kind of pet do you have in your family?

Asked by mzgator (4158points) August 13th, 2007

I have a 2 year old Welsh Terrier named Sir Winston. McAllister. He is a great source of joy for myself, my husband and daughter. Pets often bring a kind of joy into our lives that is so special. He is always happy to see us and is always in a good mood. Here's hoping you all have a special pet in your lives to brighten your day!

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none - after years of being chased by dogs, i developed something called dog-o-phobia that eventually led to dislike for all pets

although i did have a nemo (i actually called it "emo") for two years when i was 11

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I enjoy visiting my doggie friends but am happy to go home alone. My best bud, up the road, has three springer spaniels, all w. same mom, and boy, do they spring. As tho their legs were pogo sticks. Leo, Bess and Chloe.

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I've got a 14-year-old tux cat and a 4-year-old lab/beagle mix. Along with other dogs and cats, I've also has fish, lizards, frogs, snails, hamsters, and a bird. I have a hard time imagining life without some sort of critter kid.

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Well, right now I have a black cat hissing at my not-so-smart Chow/Shepherd mix. Two cats, one dog- sheer mayhem!

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2 cats, named Flip and 2Pac.

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Tabby named Toby and calico named Madelyn.

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We have a nine year old Brittany named Sadie. They used to be called Brittany Spaniels but the "Spaniel" was dropped in the early 80s.

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4 cats: one is 17 and quite deaf; two are 9-year-old littermates; one is 2 years old.

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2 cats, Missi and Tiger.

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Dog- lucy and cat- Ella

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A baby girl cat Ilsa. She’s 2.

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We have just the baby girl, GiGi. She is a 9 year-old Shih Tzu who is just a little spoiled as evidenced by her having her own myspace which she updates only infrequently:

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I love my cat, who is a big, fat, orange British Shorthair named Onslow. My sons both live with me, and one has a Siamese mix named Fleur De Lis and the other has an alley cat named Misha Von Kittenschitz.

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