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Anyone else having a tough time during the holiday?

Asked by Jonsblond (5950points) December 27th, 2019

Misery loves company, right?

My dog isn’t well, my father isn’t well, it’s the anniversary of my mother’s death, our wages began being garnished for past medical bills the paycheck before Christmas with only a day warning, and last but not least I have no quality time allowed to spend with my family when they are home due to my work schedule.

I’m having a hard time keeping my spirits up. Who’s with me? Group hug?

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(((((((((((((((((((( Jonsblond ))))))))))))))))))))

You’re NOT alone. My husband passed 12 years ago & my Mom 11 years ago & this has been the absolute worst year for me in regards to missing them!!! They shared a birthday so that day is ALWAYS tough for me, but I’ve always survived Christmas without the deep sadness that I’ve felt this year!!

I can’t imagine the shock of losing a good portion of my paycheck the day before Christmas. It seems to me that IF they could have waited this long, they could have put it off one more paycheck so as to not screw up your Christmas!!! For me, the holidays are over & I’m settling back into my normal routine & hopefully many of the thoughts that plagued me through Christmas will fade away for a while. The Holiday Blues is a REAL thing for many people & maybe now that the holidays have passed you will be able to get back into your normal routine as well.

IF you find that you’re still feeling blue, PM me & I will do my best to talk you through most of it. I ALWAYS have a listening ear!!!

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My youngest brother, age 57, passed away suddenly on Dec. 14 from complications of diabetes.

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I’m sorry you’re having a rough go of it. <<HUGS>>

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Thank you. Hugs back.

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Someone I was with passed away from suicide, he did this 2days before Christmas yrs ago. So this time of the Yr still gets me down. Once again if you ever need to talk message me if you like. ((((((Hugs)))))

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Sorry to hear.
Bad times are always bad. They’re worse during the holidays. I’ll join the hug.

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Me too. I’m struggling to hold on. I hate seeing all the posts on social media like “New year, new me” and “leave all your issues behind in 2019” because I know I’ll still be the same person and all my problems will carry through to 2020. Sucks.

Stay strong, Jonsblond. Times get tough when everyone is acting all happy because of the holidays and you feel like your the only one not “in the spirit”

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Christmas, is the most depressing part of the year, for me. I can barely pay my bills. I can’t buy gifts, for anyone. Something that would bring me great joy…
I have no gifts to bring, parampha pa pa….

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@Jonsblond My post was deleted but I want to express my support.

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I got your back too @Jonsblond. .

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SQ . That was a great post…
I hope you are having a better holiday season, than me. You deserve it.

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@KNOWITALL My comment was deleted as well, still wondering why…

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It took me getting injured at work last night to be able to stay home this afternoon and get quality time with my family. I took a good blow to my head at the end of my shift and possibly have another concussion. I had one a few months ago from a fall. I’m missing out on getting paid today which is greatly needed but at this point time with my family is more important to me. We’ll just eat cheap food until payday.

I’ll come back to respond to individual posts. You guys are the best.

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@jonsblond. Omg! You really need to take it easy, maybe you should take more time to recover. What did you get hit with while at work? I hope you went and got checked out just to be for certain that there’s no damage done. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Well feel better and remember that we are all here for you.

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I work in a deli. I was reaching above me to grab a heavy box of roast beef in the cooler and there was a loose roast beef on top that I couldn’t see. It fell right onto my forehead above my right eye. About 10lbs of meat fell on me. It was close to 10 pm and the process of reporting it would have taken an hour. I just wanted to get home. I know from prior experience if it was a concussion there’s nothing a doctor can do. You are told to rest. When I got home I became dizzy and I woke up with vertigo this morning. I’m not scheduled again until New Years Eve so I can rest today and tomorrow.

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Oh no! Hit in the noggin with a beef. I hope you’re okay and I’m sorry it’s been a rough time. ((BEAR HUG))

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We’re going to have to pool, our funds, and buy this jelly a helmet.

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I’m prepared for the jokes at work when I return. :)

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^You’re only allowed one concussion, pee year. That’s in the Fluther rules… I used mine up, a few months ago. I have to hold out, for just a couple more days.
But YOU, have gone too far. ~

Seriously. Take care of yourself. What size helmet, do you think you need?

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Awww…hope things are looking up for all of you soon.
[group hug]

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