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Do you generally think that girls/women look good in long skirts?

Asked by answerjill (6198points) October 10th, 2008
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I think it depends on their body type and the exact length of the skirt, but generally yes.

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My wife and daughters always look good to me because I love them.

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In general, yes. Most definitly. Especially with heels. Or flats.

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General its makes the girl look descent and mature.

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Thanks, all. I kind of wondered if it was a turn-off for guys?

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I’ve asked my guys friends this before.
I think (generally) they prefer shorter skirts.
(That isn’t to say that they all preferred mini skirts.)

For the most part, they also liked long skirts.
Because, as they put it, it was still easy access.

The exceptions to this were: the dirty hippie look
or anything that made you look like you lived on a commune.

NOTE: Probably got these answers while we were out drinking and probably a bit drunk.

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sure, but it has to have a slit somewhere.

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I think skirts look best on the floor next to my bed.

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generally not, unless the girl is fairly tall.

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Depends on the skirts and the girls/women in them, but definitely yes.

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