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Does Jon McCain think he is going to lose?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) October 10th, 2008

I just read this article from the associated press.
Here’s the quote that prompted me to ask the question:

“I don’t trust Obama,” a woman said. “I have read about him. He’s an Arab.”

McCain shook his head in disagreement, and said:

“No, ma’am. He’s a decent, family man, citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with (him) on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign is all about.”

He had drawn boos with his comment: “I have to tell you, he is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States.”

What’s your take?

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I like the posture, but I’m 3 maragatisa in…so give me a link.

Oh..and BTW JOHN

PS…I’ve never drawn boos…but I do draw boobs in my spare time!

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I think that McCain is sure he’s going to lose: Not only from the momentum that Obama has had this entire election, but also he has been unable to overcome the gimmick of Sarah Palin, who herself has been unable to overcome her own hype. Good gimmick, bad selling point… I had a pretty sizeable thread on this… somewhere. Forgot where it is.

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I did give a link in the details, Suanne, but I’ll give it to you again, since you are “3 maragatisa in” ;-)

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Thanks Chica…

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McCain can see the polls just like everyone else can.

How can he not imagine he’s going to lose?

And now he’s surrounded at his rallies by what the TIME correspondent I was watching on the Rachel Maddow show tonight called “nothing left but wingnuts”. He’s offended by these ignorant haters, as he should be, though they were empowered by his running mate’s ugly innuendos – and he’s trying to raise the level of discourse. Good for him.

The disappointing one this week is Obama. The financial crisis is his big chance to show some serious guts. Instead he continues to talk about tax cuts.

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HA. I’ve been drinking too. I just read a similar article, and actually felt sorry for McCain. Poor guy, getting booed by his base. (Not that his base will be voting for Obama though.)

But I think he’s felt bad about his chances for a while. If he were confident he’d be spending more time talking about his own policies, rather than attacking Obama.

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I think McCain is starting to see a very ugly side of his supporters at his rallies now that it is getting down to the wire. I personally think he has too much pride to throw in the towel, but is seriously wondering if he really wants this job now.

A couple more articles about McCain’s crowds lately:

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Ha ha ha, the second link is a mistake! It goes to a different article I was reading, which happens to be about how the official panel in Alaska found Sarah Palin guilty of abusing her power as governor by trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired.

Thanks for the real links, fireside.

Sueanne, if you really want to read it and you still don’t like the link in the details:

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I saw the video of him defending Obama. He truly looked downhearted. When the woman said Obama is an Arab he literally took the microphone from her hand, shaking his head and walking away, saying “no” and the rest of what Lachica posted above. I don’t think it proves he thinks he’s going to lose, but I think he has realized that the attacks have gone too far.

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I think he just may be as disgusted with ignorant Americans as I am. I’m sure since he is out there among all us common folk and six-packers that he gets the white people talk all the time. You
White people know the racist crap I am
Talking about.

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how can he not feel he’s going to lose?

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What he said actually changed my mind about him. I think that he knows that he is loosing to Obama. And during the presidential debate between the two, MacCain was having trouble hitting back on Obama. and he occasionally trying to avoid certain issues.

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I am super paranoid about this right now as I am in a neighborhood and am surrounded by McCaine signs. I also know the history of republican surges.

But I wonder if they didn’t let those shout outs build up as they did with out comment for a while just to attempt a clean out of the way he looked for the undecided voters. I just don’t trust the guy.

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Bri L, I don’t understand what you mean by, ”.. just to attempt a clean out of the way he looked for the undecided voters.”

He basically said Obama would make a fine president. He sounds like a man already defeated. If I’m an undecided voter, why would I want to vote for a loser?

Also if I think the people supporting him are idiots (which those quotes make them sound like) then why would I want to do what they’re doing, support their candidate? Wouldn’t I want to do exactly the opposite, and support Obama?

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I just saw a frightening video featuring Naomi Wolfe, whoever she is, on youtube. You know I’m bad at links; go take a peek, also see a clip she refers to
of a Congressman whose name I wrote down and now can’t find, telling Congress how
the Bush administration has been able to push through laws making it possible for the President to bypass Congress in order to establish martial law. This is frightening and
I am going to write a new Question about it in one minute.
I raise this here because if Naomi Wolfe is right, it doesn’t matter what the voters do.
Democracy is already over.

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