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What is the worst car you have ever owned?

Asked by glial (2996points) August 14th, 2007
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2006 Chevrolt Cobalt. I bougth it new and it stayed in the shop for most of the 10 months I kept it. It had numerous recalls. Some things they could fix and it would break again a week later. The most aggrivating and most common problem is you could not get the key out of the ignition or somtimes even turn it off. That was a problem if you went someplace like the airport to fly out and could not turn your car off. That was the final straw.

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I didn't own them, of course, but growing up, I had to endure the lifespans of four station wagons. I think I'm still scarred.

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My 1988 Saab 900s.

Don't get me wrong. I loved driving that car more than any other car I've had, or driven. I had a million high-priced things go wrong with it that I insisted on replacing, despite difficulty finding a decent mechanic. On road trips when something went wrong, the mechanics I brought it to just rolled their eyes. The death knell came when I offered to drive my friend to the airport, and I threw a rod while we were going 75 in the passing lane. He missed his flight, and spent the entire day in the airport waiting for another one and the car was dead.

When I called my dad to beg for 5k to put another engine in it, he just laughed and said "over my dead body" which was a sign for me to move on.

It's been all about practicality since then, but God, I miss it . . .

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1984 Ford Tempo! I didn't realize it then, but Wow do I realize what a piece of junk it was now! Nothing worked but the engine. To make the radio play, you had to put your finger on the knob of the radio and push ever so gingerly.....You also had to put a finger against the knob for the windshield wipers to make them work. It had no air conditioning, which is a MUST, here in south Louisiana. It also had no defrost or a heater. It leaked powersteering fluid at the rate of one bottle per day. All this being said, I had a way to go, which was mine and paid for. I was going to school and living on my own. The car really did not bother me that much. I know that sounds crazy. I still had it when my husband and I got married. At that point, the driver door would not open. You had to crawl in from the passenger side over the console and into the driver seat. My sweet new hubby bought me a new car, and we sent the Tempo to the junkyard!

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Kia Sportage for me. Absolutely wore out with less than 50k miles.

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92 Ford Excort - i bought it for 500 dollars in 1999 - lasted about 3 months ( i drove less than 10,000 miles ) - after it broke down, the mechanic gave me an estimate of 800 dollars for the repair - so i didnt even bother

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1987 Ford Escort GT. Imploded in 5.5 years.

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1985 SAAB 900 S TURBO-Sports edition with Special Performance Group suspension, Rims, ground effects, etc. Like figbash's, mine was awesome to drive, and yearned for speed (turbo was killer!)...but alas, two years, 3 transmissions, and $11K later, I let had to let it go (and I was 19 at the time). That's my 'SAAB' story!

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1996 Jetta ... she was a lemon! But I should also say that I bought her in 2000 with 80,000 miles which probably wasn't all that smart. She did not run when it rained; she sometimes ran when it didn't.

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1972 Ford Pinto!

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I didn't own it, but for a while I worked security for a very large, wealthy golf course/estate home development, and while they were reshaping the landscape, I had to drive a Suzuki Samurai (the first model year) on roads that were simply made by a bulldozer knocking down the trees. Small, no power, uncomfortable, jouncing through rugged terrain, the thing vibrated itself to death. It had a plaque on the engine advising that the engine be DISCARDED after 60,000 miles. You didn't really drive it, so much as ride it. For hours. In the mud.

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"You didn't really drive it, so much as ride it." Classic from hossman

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in 96 i had a 84 mazada protege that was canary yellow. Ugliest car ever.

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I owned a 1984 Mercury Capri (Crapi) and it was a piece of &%$*. The floorboard rotted out, the carburetor was always screwing up and it was constantly being fixed. It was noisy, ugly and I hated it.

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My first car, a 1965 Ford Galaxy 500. It lasted a week!

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