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What's the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you?

Asked by bybvibe93 (232points) August 14th, 2007 from iPhone

I'd like to hear your stories.

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I came home from a mtn biking trip and my bathroom had been turned into a beautiful hawaiian oasis. Should have married that one:(

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Where do I start?

1) He surprises me sometimes by picking me up from work (I love when my man comes to my work so I can show him off, and I love surprises), occasionally, he takes me to a hot tub/massage appointment for the two of us!
2) He tracked down an out-of print book that I had mentioned ONCE and made me a gift of it when he found it almost a year later (I cried when he gave it to me!).
3) He gets concert/lecture tickets to things he thinks will interest me without asking (Al Gore, for example).
4) He kidnapped me once--blindfolded me from the moment I woke up--and took me to see a really beautiful place!
5) He made a small scavenger hunt for a day-long date to places I loved. My guesses determined where we went next!
6) He makes me tea, curls up with me on the couch and reads me adventure stories when I am tired or have a migraine.
7) He sometimes makes me CDs of new music that I have never heard and he thinks I will like and haphazardly leaves it for me in places he know I will find. (And sometimes he tapes a fresh-cut flower to it)
8) When I was traveling for work and it was my birthday he found a mariachi band that came to my hotel and sang to me for 1/2 an hour--it was so much fun and I met a lot of people because of it, so I was not lonely on my birthday!

All of his antics keep things really loving and fresh. He is a genius when it comes to knowing what makes me happy and loving me--I feel precious, understood and loved--that is True Romance!

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My sweet, handsome, wonderful husband has done many romantic things for me during the 14 years we have been married. All of my life I have wanted to go to Hawaii. He planned and saved and took me on the most wonderful romantic trip there in May of this year. He works very hard to make my life a dream come true. Anything I want he gives to me, including his company, friendship and love. He has taken me on many trips to see such beautiful things. Things I had read about, but we experienced together. Some of the things he had seen before and wanted to share with me. Some of the things were new to both of us, and we experienced them together for the first time.

He also has date night with me on Friday nights. We usually cook a romantic dinner and have a nice bottle of wine and great conversation. He is such a special guy, that even just staying home and spending time with him is a great romantic night for me.

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I have diabetes which was diagnosed 2 years hubby would research and research without my asking while I chase the toddler. He's the one that helped pinpoint what kind of diabetes I have and help convince the doctors. Its a rare kind..type 1.5 instead of type 2 which was recently re-diagnosed.

He would surprise me with a favorite magazine or flowers when he sees it at the stores.

On his own, he would rub my feet (maybe to check my feet for diabetes related) from time to time. And he insists I get a pedicure monthly (his friend whose grandmother have diabetes said thats the best thing to make sure feet are okay to avoid possible amuputations diabetes related)

He didn't know whether to laugh or feel empathy for me when I cried seeing "Armadegon" when the dad and daughter said goodbye. I soon was laughing couldn't believe myself for crying over that. It was the pregnant hormones. LOL He soon laughed with me.

Another time, was away on business on our anniversary, was home with a newborn, he sent flowers. I wept when saw it. Is it the hormones or ? LOL

He insists that I go out for girls night out while he takes care of our toddler from time to time. I make sure he gets time off too to recharge.

After work, a few times of the week, he would lie down on the floor and play with our son.

He's a great man with a huge heart.

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wow your stories are all very amazing and touching, love truly is a wonderful thing :)

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Love is a great and wonderful thing especially when you are with the person you feel you will spend the rest of your days with. I am very grateful for my husband and my life. A good relationship with someone you love makes everything possible...........the good things and even the bad.

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So where were these delicious, imaginative, thoughtful and creative guys when I was choosing? Have men changed over the decades or was I just dumb, dumb, dumb?

I second bybvibes93's answer.

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Men have not changed. Sadly, I guess, you have not found the right one yet...and I say yet. You will find the right one, and when you do you will know it. That is not to say that everything will be perfect once you find him, but even though you have hard times, the getting through the hard times makes things even better in the long run. You have a very good personality and seem to be a great person. People like you will find someone great....I just know it! I wish you all of the best!

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there is always someone out there for you, believe it or not! Sometimes it may seem as though all hope is lost, just keep your chin up, keep your eyes open and you will find that person if they dont find you first. (off-topic I know, but I was in the mood for a pep talk :D)

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@mzgator and @bvibe; thanks for pep talk. At the moment, I am not looking.The men I meet now are generally looking for "a nurse w. a purse." My friends and I laugh.

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haha, that's a good one a honey with the money lol

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My wonderful boyfriend surprises me with flowers if I call him when I am having a bad day. He also listens for hours sometimes when I am “workshopping” issues with my students.
He is not going back to his native Australia, so he can stay here with me and get married and have beautiful, smart, charming babies.

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someone actually gave me flowers on valetine’s day.

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there was also one time that my guy classmates gave me valentine cards. it was really thoughtful of them.

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