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Anyone got ideas how to make money from home?

Asked by janie5 (6points) October 12th, 2008

Ineed to make some extra money, im drowning in a sea of debt, any ideas?
Dont tell me to go clean other peoples houses!
Has to be something better than that.

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The only one I can think of from home that is legal would be a phone sex operator and I don’t know how you get into that business…..if you’re willing to go the illegal route the possibilities are endless

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take it back…...masseuse

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I have a friend who does medical transcribing from home. She recieves and submits her assignments via computer. One does have to have some training to learn how to do the transcribing, though.

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I would think that a color laser printer or a good inkjet printer should make passable bills.

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Um, find some clients for me? Web Development, etc. We split 60–40. You get 60%, i get 40%. :D I do the work, you deal with the client ;)

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AstroChuck, this year for the Xmas season, I am sending each of my friends (BOTH of them) a genuine $100 bill.

Enclosed will be a personal note from me that reads, “Please pay this within 30 days, so my credit rating isn’t damaged.”

Last year, I bought scratch-and-win-instantly lottery tickets for my friends, with the relevant areas already scratched away, and enclosed a note from me that said, “I was thinking of you today, and I bought the enclosed Scratch-and-Win lottery tickets for you. I’m sorry they didn’t win anything.”

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A friend of mine answers questions for ChaCha to make extra pocket money. You answer questions that people ask via mobile phone and get paid like 10 cents or something per answer. There are some other rules involved, but she says it’s pretty good.

If you’re good at answering questions here, might as well make some extra cash doing it. Just don’t leave us when you’re rich and famous. :(

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