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How do you deal with a gold digger Gf or Bf?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) October 13th, 2008

Persons who always ask money from you with the reason of lending or borrowing.

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You dump that person, then find a replacement.


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Sound like no mercy to me JackAdams….

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The words Gold Digger appear in your question, and my answer was based on those words.

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I agree! What do you think that person would do if you happen to run out of money because you let them “borrow” it all?

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Cut them loose.

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PredatorG, seriously, man. Dump her already. There’s a happy life awaiting you. You just need to decide to not settle for someone who doesn’t truly care for you. It just seems like question after question from you is about this same awful girl. Dump her already. Give yourself permission to be happy. Dump her. Dump her. Dump her.

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Talk to me instead :]

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Drop em like they’re hot.

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Or, if you’re in doubt. Don’t lend him or her money. See how “long” it sticks around… Solves the problem by itself.

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Both parties in a relationship should feel a sense of overall “fairness”. You clearly don’t, and for good reason: you are the bank in this one.
Don’t be used in any way by any one ever.

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Any gold digger trying their luck with me, wouldn’t be very good at it…....
<-no goldmine!!

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Thanks folks that helps.

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Dump the person!

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